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One person does not define a community.  

Over the past week, I have seen a wedge put in the middle of a community that I know and love, CrossFit. 

The recent comments from the founder, Greg Glassman, do not define the views of 15,000 affiliate owners around the world who have devoted their lives to improving other’s health, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, or religious affiliation. 

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we do not support the comments. There is no room for injustice. 

Here’s where we stand. 

The mission at HSN is to empower people to take control of their health through nutrition and fitness. We foster a supportive community for people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. 

Instead of posting something on social media, or even worse, forcing people to be public about a decision, businesses, like ours, can look inward to support and join the fight against a broken system. 

What does that look like for us? 

Right now, it looks like being intentional highlighting diversity within our gym and within HSN Mentoring. It goes for our social media, on our podcast, blogs, and so much more. 

As business owners, we can do better to highlight the diverse community that CrossFit serves. 

CrossFit is a strong brand because of the community. 

During a group round table discussion earlier this week, gym owners using the HSN Mentoring platform discussed civilly the reasons behind their decision to act immediately or wait out the storm.  

Many gyms had already announced their disaffiliation from CrossFit. If you have decided to rebrand, download a FREE branding checklist on our GET FREE HELP page >>HERE. 

You have an opportunity to make nutrition a more significant part of your brand, do it!

Or maybe you start rebranding to encompass more of the services you offer while keeping your affiliation. 

A few years ago, CrossFit Illumine started making nutrition a bigger part of their brand. They were one of the first that rebranded to Illumine Fitness & Nutrition (Home of CrossFit Illumine). They still wave the flag proudly, but now they are targeting a group of people who are just looking for nutrition support. 

Other gym owners decided to ride out the storm and see what changes will happen over the coming weeks. Lots of changes have already been made and communicated with the public. 

No matter what way you decide to go, it’s your decision. As a business owner, you shouldn’t feel pressured to make a huge decision overnight. 

Effective branding is key to building a successful business.
Download a FREE branding checklist on our GET FREE HELP page >>HERE. 

CrossFit has done amazing things for amazing people around the world. 

Was Greg Glassman wrong with his comments over the weekend and the email? Yes, absolutely. 

Many affiliate owners spoke out, and the voices were heard. 

Actions speak louder than words. 

CrossFit HQ released a statement on why they didn’t speak out. Changes have already started. I have faith that some good will come out of this. 

Does it take away from the fantastic things that CrossFit has done as a brand? Absolutely not. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work with CrossFit HQ over the years, writing for the CrossFit Journal, holding a position on the board, speaking at the CrossFit Games on building nutrition programs, and attending almost all of the CrossFit Health events at HQ.  

I have met some of the most incredible people through the organization and seen first-hand the amazing things that happen behind the scenes to ensure the delivery of a world-class training curriculum that we all know and love.  

We are going to wait, listen, and watch before cutting ties with CrossFit. In the meantime, we are taking action, and you can too!

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we are working to provide nutrition support to underprivileged populations and highlight the diversity within our community. 

At HSN Mentoring, we have already started taking action! We organized a Diversity committee and lined up podcasts guests to highlight minority affiliate owners and all the awesome work that they are doing. 

No matter what you decide to do, the mission of helping people become the best versions of themselves remains the same. 

Stay Healthy, 

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