Confessions of an HSN Mentor

I am a mentor for the most amazing company Healthy Steps Nutrition and I have some things to confess. Let’s start at the beginning.


I started with HSN as a full-time school teacher, nutrition coach of at least 20-30 clients consistently, a great social media routine, and general manager duties at the gym I am a part of. UPDATE: (I have not been teaching for over a year and thanks to some upgrades at the gym I don’t have as many general manager responsibilities)


I was GREAT with time management and GETTING THINGS DONE!  Then life hit me.


A culmination of being exhausted from doing too much, tragic events, holidays, and then COVID sent me on a downward spiral. I couldn’t focus- I was all over the place and didn’t feel like I was giving my all in anything. Then I discovered the problem.


I lost my way with being on a schedule and having my life in order. I tell people to have a routine, time block, and be sure to include time for yourself- BUT I WASN’T doing any of those things. I decided to sit down and review everything I was doing and practice what I preach. 

🤦‍♀️ I  looked at my systems for nutrition coaching- they were failing!

👎 I looked at my schedule – it didn’t exist, I was floundering


🥴 looked at my personal time- wait what is that again?


😩looked at my responsibilities- they were scattered


After reviewing how chaotic things were, I started to group my tasks into 4 major categories and listed tasks that go under each of them. Then I created a personal category or things I wanted to make sure I was doing to take care of myself. Guess what I blocked out first?


My personal category was the very first thing I blocked out because if I don’t take care of myself- everyone loses. Then I blocked out recurring meetings, and finally sorted out when it best suited me to spend time on each of the 4 major categories I created for myself. Here is what I came up with:

Is it perfect? Probably not. Will I stick to it EXACTLY? No, because if there are windows where I am not booked for calls or meeting with nutrition clients- I will chip away at my ongoing task list, but I will not compromise the plan otherwise. It has been a few days and I FEEL A MILLION TIMES BETTER and I am so much more productive than I have been in MONTHS!!


So you may be wondering what I did about my systems for nutrition coaching? I took a step back and thought about what it is like to start something new. I realized that while everything I had been doing was in an attempt to improve the client experience and make things easier on me, it was ALL WRONG.


I am guilty of taking the most simple concepts and overcomplicating them. Here  are 4 things I want to share with you:


You don’t have to have a plan to how you will work with your clients. Every single person is different and should be approached as such.



HSN tells you in training to look at what people are doing and find ways to make it better! This includes a concept called Habit Stacking. Take what people ARE DOING and BUILD on that. I am going to give you an example because it took me a long time to wrap my head around that.

  • A client is not eating breakfast because they wake up every morning at the last minute so there is no way they can stop to even think about breakfast. Then at the end of the day, they are binging at night. So this means they have to get off the couch and get something to binge on right?
  • USE THAT to your advantage: Have them put some eggs in a pot to boil and then get their nightly snack to enjoy. When the timer is up- they get the eggs and put away the snack.

Purpose: Did you take away the snack they are getting enjoyment from? NO, but consumption was limited to a time frame of 12 minutes and they just prepared breakfast. Boiled eggs aren’t perfect for breakfast alone- but you can improve on this new habit as they get better with practicing this.



Make sure you are taking advantage of the things we provide to HELP you!


  • HSN creates social media content for you- use it! Especially if you are low on time.
  • There are awesome resources to give you ideas of sample action steps, or ways to approach various roadblocks with clients- you should be using thes


  • The training videos are there for your clients to get an education! There is no way you have time in meetings to teach them everything they need to learn. So push clients to watch them! They come straight from an R.D.

  • Put your notes in the app, schedule check-ins, add habits, and TRACK client progress with these tools. It keeps them accountable and helps you to understand how consistent they are with a habit.

Mentor Calls:

  • ANYTHING you are struggling with can be addressed and improved upon during mentor calls, we are here to help– MAKE SURE TO BOOK THEM!



Spend some time figuring out how to take care of yourself first, then your family, and the rest of the time can be allocated to things that need to be done for work. If you don’t take care of yourself–WHO WILL? How long will you last before you CRASH AND BURN?


Don’t make the same mistakes I made- take the steps to keep things simple, allocate your time more effectively, and quit trying to reinvent the wheel- HSN does it for you!

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