Diversifying Your Revenue Streams With a Big Impact

If you’re like most fitness facilities, your 2021 revenue goals include diversifying revenue streams and servicing a broader audience.


The answer might be in front of you – do you offer a kids or teens fitness program? Is there a high percentage of adults with children frequenting your classes? Do you have many families in your community?


If so, then incorporating a turn-key kids nutrition program is the solution you’ve been looking for. 


To work with clients under the age of 18 (pediatric nutrition), you require certain certification – HSN Mentoring offers this certification to current mentoring clients in addition to their regular monthly mentoring subscription.


Here are three ways that having your HSN Kids Course can help diversity your revenue stream and make a positive impact in your community:

#1 Family Nutrition and 1:1 Coaching

Family nutrition is a current program offered with HSN mentoring, but what are your options should a pediatric member of the family require one on one nutrition coaching moving forward? Having your KIDS course certification allows you to customize the experience for kids and teens that are looking to continue their health and wellness journey.

Healthy habits start at home and really are a family affair. Addressing the health and wellness of the adults without considering or including that of the youth in the household is a disservice to the family you are intending to help. 

#2 Sports Teams

Kids and teens involved in a sports program or on a sports team are usually receiving great fitness advice in the absence of the importance of proper nutrition. Fueling their bodies well will take their performance to the next level! Furthermore, parents are often more than happy to give their child or teen an edge in a competitive environment.

Working with sports teams using group led nutrition programs OR working with athletes one on one to dial in their specific performance goals is a fantastic way to diversity your revenue stream AND help that team reach their full potential. 

#3 School Outreach

Schools are a great way to educate students about the importance of a well-balanced diet. Working with schools can include nutrition seminars, workshops, and lessons that promote education, but also engagement! Making nutrition education FUN and routine in the classroom helps build healthy habits and spreads good word of mouth about your nutrition program. 


Helping our children build a strong nutrition foundation EARLY will better set them up for a happy and healthy lifestyle for the LONG TERM.

Get 10 CrossFit CEU’s and Diversify your revenue streams while making a big impact!!

Did I mention we just updated the entire Kids Course? 

Check out the video below to find out more!

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