Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: Episode 31 Nutrition Coaching & FAD Diets

Today’s guest on the podcast is our director of Nutrition Education, Ashley Osterman. We discuss one of the topics from the Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop and a popular topic when working with clients — FAD Diets.

Topics Discussed:

  • What are FAD Diets
  • What are the pros and cons of the most popular FAD diets
  • What is your role as a nutrition coach as clients navigate FAD diet

When we recorded this episode, we were planning on charging for the presentation replay, but I wanted to make this information accessible to all gym owners and nutrition coaches.

Gym owners should feel confident talking to their clients about nutrition and the Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop REPLAY is a great first step to help you not reinvent the wheel when it comes to building a nutrition program. FREE access to the virtual workshop ends on July 31st. Click the link to get FREE access today!


Presentation Topics: 

  • Marketing: 4 Steps To Bridge The Gap Between The Problem & Your Solution

  • Member Retention: 4 Strategies You Need To Implement Today

  • FAD Diets: How To Be The Guide & Flexible With Your Approach

  • 4 Steps To Scaling Your Business: How To Diversify Revenue Without Compromising Your Vision

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Access The Nutrition Business Workshop Replay (Presentations, Application & A Workbook)