Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 72: What To Do When Your Client Hits A Plateau?

Progress is never a straight line. Plateaus are normal, but as a client, it can be extremely frustrating.
What do you do when a client hits a plateau?
In this week’s podcast, Ashley Osterman & Nicole Aucoin discuss client plateaus:
  • What is a plateau
  • Steps for helping clients who hit a plateau
  • Your role as a coach
  • Lastly, we discuss what happens when someone falls off 

Nutrition Client Plateaus

What is a plateau

At Healthy Steps Nutrition we define a plateau as not seeing any progress with a nutrition client for about 6 weeks.

Steps for helping clients who hit a plateau

It’s important to look at the holistic approach. 
Look at the whole person to see what has changed.
What were they doing before the plateau and how do we get back to that?
Find a bright spot for the client because we know success leads to motivation.

Your role as a coach

Reassess and establish a new baseline for your client.
Ask these questions: Was there a change in intake or change in activity level? Did they get a new routine? Stress, work or sleep? Have their goals changed?

What happens when someone falls off 

Look at the holistic approach, look at stress and stress management support systems, sphere of influence, length and quality of sleep, quality of nutrition, lifestyle and exercise.
If you are an HSN Mentoring client, check out the avoiding a plateau coaches resource checklist in the platform.

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