Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 77: How Haley Sparks Built A Thriving Nutrition Program As An Independent Nutrition Coach

Today’s guest on the podcast is Haley Sparks with Sparks Transform Nutrition. She is one of the independent nutrition coaches using the Healthy Steps Nutrition program to power her business.
In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Haley Sparks discuss
  • Her journey to becoming a nutrition coach
  • How she has gone from zero clients to a waitlist and now bringing on three additional nutrition coaches to support her program growth
  • How she makes her nutrition clients feel like a part of the community that she is building

Haley said, “Healthy Steps Nutrition made it easy to open a nutrition coaching business.”

Listen to exactly how she did it in this episode!

Topics Discussed in this Episode

Haley's journey to becoming a nutrition coach

After struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food for 8 years and being a long distance runner and collegiate athlete, Haley was looking for a change. She self-learned how to have a healthy relationship with food by trusting, learning and studying.
Nutrition has turned into a deep passion for Haley. She is relatable to her clients by being able to speak from experience, while using the tools and resources she has from HSN Mentoring.

How her program has rapidly grown since joining HSN Mentoring

Haley started her program in the middle of the pandemic! After starting her business, she had an influx of people who were looking to make healthy changes in their life. Her business quickly grew from 12 clients to 30+ clients. Haley is constantly in a growth mindset of how she can reach the people that need help with nutrition the most. She is actively seeking out partnerships within her local community.

How she makes her nutrition clients feel like a part of the community that she is building

One unique thing that Haley does in her business that stands out are welcome posts for her clients as they are on boarded. This is a great social and marketing tactic for her business. Right now, 90% of her clientele are from referrals.

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