Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 79: Trends With The Most Successful Gyms Running Nutrition Programs

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin & Ashley Osterman discuss trends with the most successful nutrition coaching programs within gyms.
What are the most successful gyms doing differently to support their clients and grow nutrition programs? What can you do to take your nutrition program to the next level?
This is an episode you will want to take notes on! 

Trends with the most successful nutrition coaching programs in gyms

Staff and owner are on the same page with delivering a consistent message about nutrition

A common trend with these very successful programs is that not only is the owner involved, the owner is really the one leading the tribe and leading by example. In addition, all of the staff has a basic understanding of the nutrition program.

Integrating nutrition into the message & branding into the culture of your business

Most of our gyms running the HSN program are pushing out nutrition content twice a week on social media, and then weekly in emails, along with another fitness type email.
Getting consistent messages out there about about nutrition, is so so important. You have to be talking about nutrition consistently. 

Free intro process

Is everyone on your staff on the same page that’s doing the free intros at your gym?
When you’re confident about the service that you can provide and the value that you are providing to this potential new person coming in the door, it’s going to be so much easier for them to feel confident that you can help them.
One of the things we really focus on at HSN mentoring is to help gyms revamp their intake process so that they have a clear front end offer that’s guiding people to get started with nutrition and fitness.

Ongoing Nutrition Clients

Ongoing nutrition coaching really becomes the standard for those most successful gyms who run our nutrition programs, it is a large part of their continuing revenue.
Try highlighting members that have done really well through ongoing coaching and that have seen and maintained those results, these are the best candidates to highlight on your social media.

Corporate and Partnernships

Don’t underestimate and undervalue the potential for corporate and partnerships.
Partnership opportunities are really endless. Think of corporate wellness or like minded businesses in your communities to partner with.
When we look at the gyms running the HSN program that are bringing in six figures with nutrition coaching, they have done or are doing corporate and partnernships. And it’s as easy as they’re just using our templates to make it happen.

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