Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 81: 3 Tips To Help You Become A Better Nutrition Coach

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin & Ashley Osterman discuss three strategies to help you become a better nutrition coach!
After training thousands of nutrition coaches through Healthy Steps Nutrition & HSN Mentoring, there are some key strategies to help coaches excel faster.
Are you doing all three of these strategies regularly?

3 strategies to help you become a better nutrition coach

Interactive trainings and roleplaying

By utilizing interactive trainings and roleplaying, you’re investing in yourself and you’re learning to be more confident.
If you want to become a better coach, and especially new coaches you have to role-play and you need to practice. If you don’t practice, you’re never going to get better.
The more comfortable you get with role playing the easier the in person conversations are going to become.


Are you really providing the best support for your clients?
If you don’t evaluate your coaches, or send out surveys to their clients, you’re never really gonna know if your meeting the expectations for your clients.
When hiring nutrition coaches at HSN HQ we want them to be open to feedback, we want them to be ready to make changes to be the best versions of themselves. 

Learn from the experts

If you really want to become a better nutrition coach, you need to learn from the experts. There is a lot of misleading information out there, especially through social media.
You need to fact-check and really see if the person or business you plan to learn from, do they really know what they are talking about? Do they have the credentials? Do their values align with yours?

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