3 Ways Gym Owners Can Double Their Nutrition Business Income By Hiring A Nutrition Coach

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Are you a gym owner running a nutrition coaching program in your gym? If so, this article is for you! We are going to talk about three ways you can double your nutrition business income by hiring a nutrition coach for your nutrition coaching program.

Every year at Healthy Steps Nutrition, and HSN Mentoring, we speak with 100’s of gym owners regarding their nutrition business, their nutrition business finances, and the overall health of their program. We hear about the ups, the downs, and the struggles that go along with running a successful business centered around nutrition, health and wellness.

Did you know that the number one reason why a nutrition business will fail is because there is no nutrition coach to help the gym owners support the program?

It’s true!

So many of these gym owners wanted to start a professional nutrition coaching program in their gyms because they have a passion for helping others through fitness, and nutrition. When starting out, they have this crazy idea that they are the ones who are going to head up their own nutrition business!

Why is this idea crazy, you ask?

Read on to find out how gym owners can double their nutrition business income, and eliminate the risk of failure by hiring a nutrition coach for the nutrition coaching program in their gym.


What Contributes To The Nutrition Business Income In A Gym?

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A successful nutrition business has the potential to generate revenue streams from a few different pillars. When referring to nutrition business income, we are talking about those different pillars, and the total amount of money they collectively bring to the gym owner.

There are so many different pillars a nutrition coaching program can offer to potential clients. At Healthy Steps Nutrition, and HSN Mentoring, we have a team of nutrition business mentors that connect on mentoring calls monthly with gym owners, and coaches offering a support system for business growth.

Check out some of these pillars here:

  1. Individualized nutrition coaching

  2. Group nutrition challenges

  3. Kids and teens nutrition coaching

  4. Family nutrition coaching

  5. Youth and adult athlete nutrition coaching

  6. Employee wellness

The revenue potential is very high for a professional nutrition program in a gym. However, it’s extremely important to be aware that a programs growth, and the number of clients a nutrition program can handle depends on the amount of time, and resources allocated to the nutrition business.

Why Should A Gym Owner Hire A Nutrition Coach To Oversee Their Nutrition Coaching Program?

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As we pointed out above, the revenue potential of a nutrition business in a gym is dictated by the resources allocated to it’s growth. The bottom line is that when a gym owner is the only nutrition coach for the program, growth is limited to the amount of time the gym owner has to see clients, and look for additional opportunities.

From my experience, a gym owners time is one of their most limited resources.

Hourly they are pulled in so many different directions that it is hard for them to focus their attention on the growth of only one of the services offered by the gym. It’s extremely advantageous for the gym business model to offer a couple different revenue streams so they aren’t relying solely on the success of one program. That being said, it important for additional people to be hired to help oversee these individual pillars, such as the nutrition program, so the gym owner can focus on being the visionary for the business.

Without a vision, and captain, the ship will sink.

Here Are 3 Ways Gym Owners Can Double Their Nutrition Business Income By Hiring A Nutrition Coach

The nutrition coach has the time to see more than double the amount of clients as the business owner

More clients equals more money. Many gym owners are worried about business expenses, and the higher cost from payroll associated with hiring a coach. The great thing about the nutrition coaching role is that in most gyms, it is commission based. Both the coach, and the owner get paid when a new client is brought on. The bigger the client base the coach has, the more revenue the program brings in, and the more people are being helped.

When the number of clients a coach has starts to feel overwhelming, hire another coach! Each coach can have their own business within the gym. How many clients a nutrition coach can handle will depend on their time management skills, and their availability. All this should be discussed during the hiring process for the nutrition program.

Another great thing about having a couple coaches working for the program is that each one can have their own target market. For example, one may focus on weight management through the plate method, and the other could develop a niche market of something like helping clients with meal planning purchasing foods from their local market. These are just examples, but you get the idea. The opportunity to see more clients with a coach is much greater than with the gym owner flying solo.

a nutrition coach handing a client a huge head of broccoli demonstrating ways a nutrition coach can add nutrition business income

The nutrition coach can help market and promote the nutrition program

At HSN Mentoring, we highly suggest that part of the nutrition coaching role include marketing, and promoting the nutrition business. We provide weekly email, and marketing templates for coaches to brand, and push out through various social media outlets.

Client success stories are also a great way to reach a target audience who has health goals, and is looking for a way to learn better nutrition habits. The nutrition industry thrives on results. The bottom line is that if someone doesn’t think they are going to get results from a program, they will not sign up for it.

Many times we see gyms fail when it comes to showcasing client results, and testimonials. That is why having a coach be responsible for this task ensures it gets done, and can ultimately have a big impact on the revenue of the program by attracting more clients.

success stories of nutrition clients posted by the nutrition coaching team indicating how posting to social media can increase nutrition business income

The nutrition coach has more time to investigate, and take on new opportunities

There are so many additional services nutrition programs can offer besides just individual coaching. Developing a strong foundation of clients is important before moving into these other opportunities. However, once that base is established, there is no reason a nutrition coach cannot explore additional services such as employee wellness, or kids and teens nutrition.

Not only will these programs offer more revenue potential for the gym, but they will help more people, and the service will help provide a full time income to a coach who may otherwise have to have an additional part time job to supplement a part time nutrition coaching income.

Keep in mind, that adding these additional services would be impossible for a gym owner to take on if they were the only coach for the nutrition program. They simply would not have enough time. But with the addition of a coach, there is so much more opportunity for new pillars to turn into a key solution for increasing business finances.

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Wrap Up

Wellness professionals, nutrition coaches, and registered dietitians all over the world strive to help clients improve health through nutrition services, and various other online programs. Having a fitness, and nutrition business where the coach is in house, essentially running their own private practice within the walls of the gym says something about the future of how gyms can make a huge impact in helping people with their health goals. This wouldn’t be possible if a gym owner were trying to do this alone.

By hiring a coach to help in this mission, a gym owners reach, and revenue potential is double what it would be of them going at this alone.

If you are struggling to hire a nutrition coach for your gym, please reach out! Healthy Steps Nutrition offers a turn key solution to helping gym owners run a nutrition coaching business in their gym that helps helps members fight chronic disease, and a live a long healthy life.

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