HSN Gym Spotlight: Jacked 24/7 Fitness Club

Jacked 24/7 Fitness Club is a seasoned gym running the HSN program. Jacked 24/7 has been an HSN member for almost 2 years! Read below to see how owner, Jennifer Daniel has transitioned her gym to a virtual platform while being physically closed for 6 months and how HSN has supported her and the Jacked 24/7 team.

1. Your gym has been shut down for 6 months, how has this impacted you?

The gym being shut down for six months has had a huge impact on us in many ways. We immediately doubled up on appointments over Zoom, so we met with people either weekly or every two weeks. We changed our typical meeting to basically just being helpful in any way we could. Some were still on track with nutrition and some just needed to talk things out. We just made sure to listen and help in any way possible. For some, it added some structure that they needed.

2. How has Healthy Steps Nutrition helped you during this pandemic?

HSN has helped us tremendously over the pandemic by showing us how to help the best way possible. The round table discussions were always pertinent topics that were helpful just when we needed them. The Canva templates were also very helpful because we could easily put in place when time was so short from being very busy adapting our business. The webinars, the constant support on FB, the questions answered at all times by mentors when we needed help the most. It is all so appreciated and helped us put out a professional product when we would have been struggling.

3. Tell us about ways you have integrated nutrition in your business during the shut-down.

We offered nutrition tips in our FB group designed to help everyone in the shut down, even non members, and some came on board as clients during the shut down as a result. We ran a challenge for retention, and a low cost for non members and some stayed on as clients. We have also now boosted our ads for nutrition especially lately.

4. If you could give advice to a gym owner or nutrition coach running a nutrition program during a pandemic or in general what would it be?

My advice is be willing to adapt quickly. During the pandemic, so many clients were just needing the structure when their lives were turned upside down. Be willing to use the service HSN provides, come to the round tables, listen to the webinars and make sure to schedule your calls, because when you become busy, it is so helpful to have someone showing YOU what you need to be doing next so you can continue to be the most helpful to your clients.

5. Where do you see the program in 3 months? 

I see our program growing significantly in the next three months. We are hopeful to have a large presence for nutrition in our community and I hope to implement some corporate nutrition.

6. Please provide any additional information you would like to include.

I can’t say enough about HSN and how valuable their service is! The constant guidance from Mentors who truly care about you and your business is like no other. I would not have the confidence to do what we do for our clients without HSN.


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