HSN Gym Spotlight: Live Active Charlotte

Live Active is a seasoned gym running the HSN program, they have been with the HSN Family for 3 years! For nutrition coaches, Buffy and Tiara, communication plays a huge factor in the success of their nutrition program. Live Active's program is increasingly growing each month with people becoming more conscious about their health and nutrition. The sky is the limit for Team Live Active!

1.  What led to the success of your nutrition program?

Well last year bringing Tiara on board as a second nutrition coach. I was getting overwhelmed and saw her as a go getter and organized qualities and she said YES! We both bring some thing very different to the table so we can address a wide variety of different clients. 

2. What makes your nutrition team so strong?

We work really well together, and communicate all the time. We help each other and are very honest about our strengths! Many times I will send clients to Tiara and vice versa because they would be a better fit!

3.  How were you able to overcome the quarantine slump?

We just kept on keeping on staying in contact with our clients, offering meal prep via zoom, trying to address any problems that they might be struggling with, maybe even before they would struggle with them. And constantly posting answers and tips to help folks with quarantine questions!

4. What is one thing you would recommend nutrition coaches doing to take their program to the next level?

Posting content in whatever way you possibly can. We have a podcast, videos, all social media platforms, zoom classes and appointments, scanning all no sweat intros, and explaining how you can help. The biggest marketing boost that you can get is referrals posting stories from your clients and then asking for referrals from their friends, family, etc.

5. Where do you see the program in 3 months? 

I see our program growing even more in the next three months as it’s been trending. Because of the pandemic there’s definitely been a spotlight on health which creates a great opportunity for us to help many address their nutrition. We are currently trending 20 + % increase monthly!

6. Please provide any additional information you would like to include.

With the integrated app it has been a game changer for Coach T and myself to help each other and our clients. If you are considering bringing on another coach make sure it’s someone that you clearly like to work with and can communicate with easily. Then find out who your individual seed clients are for nutrition and market for those clients!

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Buffy Shoener, Nutrition Coach

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