HSN Gym Spotlight: Paradise Fitness

Paradise Fitness recently graduated from the HSN training course and launched their nutrition program. Paradise Fitness is located in the UK and is currently on a second lockdown. They are leveraging the HSN App to help retain their members and running a free 4-week challenge. Despite set backs of moving gym locations, undergoing a second lockdown, this husband and wife duo is confident that they will have at least 10 individual nutrition clients with the next 3 months. Read more to see how they are using the HSN App and resources to retain their members and keep in constant contact with their members throughout the lockdown.

1.  What led you to start with HSN?

We have organized nutrition programs in the past, but these were more challenge-style programs that weren't necessarily long term or sustainable. We loved the idea of a simple habit based approach as we found during nutrition coaching in the past, that for the majority of our members, nutrition really is simple!

2. You are currently shut down again, how are you leveraging the HSN app to help with retention?

We have decided to run a free 4-week challenge for our members during closure of our gym facility. This ensures our members can have a chance to stay active and make good nutritional decisions during our second lockdown. It's also been a great tool to stay in constant contact with our members.

3. What aspects are your clients loving about the HSN App and what features are you providing to them?

I would say the current best feature on the app would be the Challenge group chat, our members are consistently using it to share photos of their meals, recipe ideas and exercise achievements etc without much prompting from us. This is really beneficial for us as coaches as the members are sharing their own content to keep each other motivated, leaving more time for us to touch base individually with our members.

4. How has adding HSN to your services impacted your gym and your members?

We're in the early days of using HSN, but so far it has enabled us to keep our members motivated and informed during closure of our actual facility. We're excited to use it in the future for individualized nutrition coaching.

5. Where do you see the program in 3 months?

We have a goal of 10 individual nutrition clients within the next 3 months. Times are quite challenging at the moment as we have recently had to move gym facilities, gone into our second lockdown and gym closure and we are also due for our first baby any day now! Our main goal is to retain members for our gym membership and introduce quality nutrition coaching utilizing the HSN app - which makes our life MUCH easier!

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Matt and Amy Peterson, Owner + Nutrition Coach

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