Is Nutrition Coaching Your Retention Strategy For Round 2?

Is Nutrition Coaching Your Retention Strategy For Round 2? 

After being closed for 10-15 weeks, then reopening, some gyms are being forced to close down again. 


During round one of the closures, HSN Mentoring gyms had an average of 75%+ retention rate for their clients maintaining their membership.


How? They quickly pivoted to providing virtual coaching and individualized support/accountability to help their clients navigate the chaos around them. 


Many gyms added nutrition-only clients because people were stuck at home and needed help dialing in their nutrition. 


Nutrition coaching is a proven retention strategy, and it doesn’t have to be complicated! 


There are a few key things that need to happen:


  1. You need to clearly communicate your plan and how you will help your clients virtually with nutrition coaching. Be excited, your tone sets the tone of the reaction from your staff & members!


    2. Stay organized by using google sheets to track your clients and what they are working on. This allows you to quickly identify “red flag” clients who need higher touchpoints.


  3. Create templates to ensure consistent information is being delivered consistently to your clients. 


  4. Use video messages over texts. People are craving human connection! 


  5. Get creative to keep your community engaged. Some ideas that are working well include meal prep workshops, cooking shows or nutrition talks. 


In Episode 22 of the Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast, Ashley Osterman, the Director of Nutrition Education, & Nicole Aucoin, Founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, discuss adding nutrition coaching in three easy steps listen >>HERE.


At Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ, created a Stay Healthy 28-day nutrition challenge. We created video content related to boredom eating, stress eating, being stuck at home, limited food at the grocery store, simple meal ideas, and so much more! 


The feedback from this challenge was amazing! The nutrition challenge was a member benefit and a way to say thank you to our members for sticking with us during this stressful time! We charged $129 for the public to participate, which was a nice added source of revenue for us! We even had past clients from 8+ years ago sign up for the challenge.


Over 300 gyms using the HSN Mentoring platform launched this challenge during the shutdowns.  


If you launch a challenge, make sure you clearly define the client journey after your nutrition challenge is over. Not sure how to do that? Listen to Episode 4 of the Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast, where Lindsay McDonald, Chief of Staff at HSN Mentoring, & Nicole Aucoin, Founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, discuss increasing conversions after a challenge >>HERE.


Alex and Ellie, owners of Cultivar Health in Australia, said adding nutrition coaching through HSN was their retention strategy during the pandemic. 

Save time and don’t reinvent the wheel! 


Use the free help available through HSN Mentoring to make nutrition coaching your retention strategy if you are required to shut down for a second time. 


There free guides, webinar recordings, and checklists available for you on the FREE HELP page >>HERE.

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