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Healthy Kids Cookbook: 100% 'Kid-Approved' Recipes For The Whole Family

Healthy recipes that the entire family will love are tough to find! In this cookbook, Brody and Cooper Aucoin share their favorite healthy recipes. They hope to inspire other families to eat healthy and try new things. In this cookbook, you will find dietitian tips and healthy meal ideas by the founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition and Registered Dietitian, Nicole Aucoin.

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Free Help: The Ultimate Nutrition Challenge Started Guide

Let’s Face It! You Don’t Have Time To Build A Nutrition Program From Scratch. The FREE Training includes:

  • Understand How To Plan & Prep For Your Nutrition Challenge
    Free Checklist & Starter Guide For A Successful Challenge
    FREE Point Tracker Template
    Additional Support Tools & Resources To Help You When Planning Your Next Challenge
Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast
Episode 54: Top 4 Mistakes Nutrition Coaches Make

We love Precision Nutrition because we have the same philosophy regarding coaching

Today’s guest is one of our friends at Precision Nutrition, Adam Feit. We love Precision Nutrition because we have the same philosophy regarding coaching — keep it simple and focus on one thing at a time. We both use evidence-based research to provide recommendations when working with clients.

Today, Adam and I discuss:
– Why habit-based coaching works
– How to work with athletes and sports performance nutrition
– What works well when working with kids and family nutrition

If you are looking to sign up for the PN coaching course, you can sign up with the show’s link and get access to the same PN course at the lowest rate possible.

Featured Blog Post

How To Turn Your Nutrition Challenge Into An Ongoing Nutrition Coaching Program In Your Gym

The New Year is a great time to run a nutrition challenge. People are more likely to take action around a milestone like a New Year but what happens after the challenge is over.


Gym owners have told me thousands of times that they run nutrition challenges, their clients see great results during those 28 or 30-day challenges, but their nutrition program ends at the end of the nutrition challenge.


We all know what happens next.


Challenge participants regain the weight they worked so hard to lose.


Instead, gym owners need to provide ongoing nutrition support after the challenge is over.

Weekly Gym Highlight
FitTown Jupiter


Danielle has 27 clients and feels she’s got it so down system-wise she’s not reached her max # of clients, yet. Her clients are mainly from referrals, she’s even working with the Mayor of the town who’s asked her to do a corporate challenge for his office!

She’s doing a podcast with owner Tony and interviewing nutrition clients, providing weekly recipes in the member’s FB page which people are loving…she’s just an all-around rockstar running a super successful program!

Rates are high AND retention is great, too, they charge $499 upfront for 3 mos then $150/mo after that.

Mentor EMILY says: She’s even working with the Mayor”   

Did you know we have a Referral Program?