Podcast Episode 169: CrossFit Affiliate Support With Don Faul, CrossFit CEO

In this episode, we dive deep into a captivating conversation with Don Faul, the CEO of CrossFit, as he unveils the future plans and strategies that will shape the CrossFit community. The discussion touches upon several pivotal themes, including streamlined communication, collaboration, and community-building efforts, and the importance of storytelling and partnerships in reaching new audiences. Don Faul also sheds light on tools like the Affiliate Map and lead generation, designed to connect potential members with local affiliates, and the relentless pursuit of high standards within the CrossFit community. Moreover, the podcast delves into the critical role of nutrition in CrossFit, equipping gym owners for success, identifying passionate nutrition coaches, and forging partnerships with healthcare professionals. CrossFit’s mission to redefine healthcare through CrossFit Health, the value of affiliate summits, and exciting future plans for affiliates and members alike are all explored. Tune in to discover how CrossFit is fostering growth, education, and excellence across its thriving community.
In this episode, we talked about the following:
  • Improved Communication: Streamlining communication between different teams at CrossFit HQ to ensure better coordination and collaboration both internally and externally.
  • Collaboration and Community: Highlighting the collaborative efforts made by CrossFit HQ, affiliates, and partners during events like the CrossFit Games to strengthen the CrossFit community.
  • Content Creation and Partnerships: Emphasizing the importance of storytelling and content creation to engage and educate prospective CrossFit members, along with the value of partnerships aligned with CrossFit’s mission.
  • Affiliate Map and Lead Generation: Explaining the significance of the Affiliate Map as a tool to connect potential members with local affiliates and introducing lead generation forms to aid affiliate growth.
  • Affiliate Standards: Promoting the importance of maintaining high standards at affiliates to deliver exceptional member experiences and encouraging investment in education, coaching quality, and business operations.
  • Continuous Improvement: Highlighting the culture of constant improvement at CrossFit HQ and within the community, with a focus on raising expectations and standards each year to consistently deliver on CrossFit’s brand promise.

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