Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 94: How To Launch A Nutrition Coaching Program In Your Gym By The New Year

Today’s guest is our longest-standing mentor and chief of staff, Lindsay McDonald.

She has helped every gym owner launch their nutrition programs, and she is the main point of contact for gym owners as they are going through training. Let’s just say she is a rockstar!

In today’s episode, Nicole Aucoin and Lindsay discuss some of the most important considerations when revamping a nutrition program in a gym before the New Year, including your front-end offering and the free intro process when getting new people signed up at your gym.

We know the best way to grow a nutrition program in a gym is to have a solid front-end offering that includes nutrition, fitness, and accountability.

Lindsay heads up part of the sales training when onboarding new gyms. Specifically the free intro role play call. This call has been a huge value add for gyms going through the training and gyms who have added an additional mentoring call to practice this piece of the puzzle.

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Meet Barry and Jocelyn, Owners of CrossFit Generation, 14-Year CrossFit Affiliate

Jocelyn and Barry opened up CrossFit Generation in 2007. They felt like they mastered delivering the fitness but nutrition was the missing piece. 

They ran challenges but never had a formal program to deliver a professional service to their clients until partnering with Healthy Steps Nutrition. 
She even did some nutrition coaching but it wasn’t a big part of the gyms she worked at. She was spending a lot of time creating content and resources to give her clients. 

“The Healthy Steps Nutrition Program provided us with the structure and a guide to take our nutrition program to the next level.” Jocelyn Weidner 

Today, Barry and Jocelyn have a team of six coaches to deliver their nutrition coaching program to all of their members.  
Healthy Steps Nutrition provided the systems, content, and ongoing mentoring allowing the nutrition team at CrossFit Generation to deepen the relationship and connections with their clients to truly transform their client’s health and lives. 


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