15 Reasons Your Gym’s Nutrition Program Revenue Is Not Growing

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If you are a gym owner looking to increase your gym’s nutrition program revenue, then this article is for you!

Running a nutrition program in a gym is an exciting endeavor, but behind the scenes, gym owners and coaches often find themselves overwhelmed with daily tasks. The demanding nature of this business can make it surprisingly easy to fall behind. From managing staff, to scheduling classes, seeing nutrition clients, and maintaining equipment.

Don’t forget about engaging with members!

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The to-do list can quickly become unmanageable. Moreover, gym owners are expected to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and industry developments while also ensuring the facility is clean, safe, and welcoming. Balancing all these responsibilities can be a formidable challenge, leaving gym owners, and coaches struggling to find enough hours in the day.

Despite their passion for helping others achieve their goals, the sheer breadth of tasks can make it an uphill battle for even the most dedicated owners and coaches to keep up with their daily responsibilities.

At HSN Mentoring we provide our gym owners, and nutrition coaches with many resources to stay on track in order to ensure the success of their program. That being said, if the systems are not dialed in, the nutrition program can still suffer.

In this article we will provide a list of fifteen things gym owners, and nutrition coaches are doing (or not doing) that could be holding them back from helping so many more people, and making a lot more revenue.

What Is A Nutrition Program In A Gym?

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If you are new here, a nutrition program in a gym is a structured program in your gym that is there to teach your clients how to live a healthy lifestyle. At Healthy Steps Nutrition we believe in using a holistic approach to nutrition coaching. So many situations in a persons life affect nutrition choices.

Our services include programs that all start with a 12 week commitment then move into a monthly ongoing coaching model. Nutrition clients pick their in person accountability levels which widely depend on their personality. Many people will do well with simply seeing their nutrition coach one time per month in person, while others need a ton more in person accountability in order to help keep them on track.

A lot of our clients laugh about how they feel they are in nutrition “school” as they move along through their journey with us. Nutrition coaches offer support both in person, and virtually through our app throughout their clients membership. Our plan is that one day the nutrition client will no longer need us!

Most nutrition clients have a length of engagement of about 9-12 months.

Reasons Why Your Gym's Nutrition Program Revenue Is Not Growing

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Over the years we have worked with hundreds of gym owners, and nutrition coaches. We understand best practices when it comes to running a nutrition coaching program in a gym. This list is compiled from years of experience working with a variety of different types of gyms.

The gym owner is trying to lead the program without hiring a coach

The top reason a gyms nutrition programs fail is because the owner is trying to run the program without hiring a coach. Gym owners have too many other tasks to do. Unless they are able to outsource their other tasks to take on nutrition clients, the programs growth will be limited to the amount of “extra” time the gym owner has.

The program is being looked at as a supplement to fitness rather than a parallel

So many times we see fitness being advertised and spoken about on social media and inside the gym on a regular basis. Nutrition is barely mentioned or visible yet, the goal is to grow a nutrition program. If it is just as important as fitness, and has the potential to bring in the same if not more revenue, then it should be spoken about and presented equally with fitness.

Nutrition is not being sold on day 1

Fitness is the priority in many gyms free intro process. Because most gyms don’t start out with a nutrition program it is sometimes foreign for coaches to offer it right from the start. Clients will be more successful if they start with nutrition and fitness at the same time. Building the habit to talk about it from day one should be a priority.

There is no hybrid option at sign up that includes nutrition and fitness 

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This goes in line with number three. Building out offerings that include an option to start the gym with both nutrition and fitness from day one is imperative. That offering should be the first one offered to clients in the free intro process. It will hands down be the one that helps them reach their goals the fastest.

The person doing the free intro has little knowledge of the nutrition program, and lacks confidence selling it

We love to see the person doing the free intros in a gym take part in our nutrition program sales training. If there is knowledge and understanding of the nutrition coaching program, it is way more likely that more people will sign up. Our goal is for gyms to have a 70% conversion rate to the nutrition program from the free intro.

The owner of the gym is disconnected from the program 

Absent owners have no idea what is going on in their facility. A nutrition program thrives on leadership and oversight. When owners are involved, walking the walk and talking the talk, nutrition becomes a priority for a lot more people than it would otherwise.

The fitness staff has no idea what is going on with the nutrition program and doesn’t talk about it to members

Sometimes fitness coaches take a hands off approach when it comes to the nutrition program because they don’t coach it. But, if the gym is truly trying to change the culture to include nutrition, all staff needs to be on board and know how to refer clients to the nutrition coaches for a free intro.

Lack of nutrition presence in the facility; ei. no nutrition board, no success stories, no signs or posters

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People need to be reminded what is available to them. If there is no physical evidence of the nutrition coaching program in the gym, people will forget about it! A nutrition board, client success photos, and posters in the bathrooms are a great way to keep the program at the forefront of clients minds.

The nutrition coach isn’t consistent with tasks that grow the program such as email marketing, social media presence, and connection with current members

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It’s easy to fall off track. At HSN Mentoring, we give our coaches a check list! If you are not a mentoring client and have a nutrition coach that is falling off track, try making an SOP with a list to help them stay in check.

Generally poor lead nurturing, and general follow up

There are many gym owners who answer the phone on the first ring, email back within 5 minutes and send a video text back in 2 minutes. If you are not one that follows up with your leads, they will go somewhere else where more value is perceived.

Nutrition program info is missing on the main page of the website or altogether

If you offer a nutrition program, but it’s not on your website, you are missing the boat! Your website should have a page dedicated to nutrition coaching, and your main page should have nutrition visible in the header and drop down options.

The owner and nutrition coach are not meeting about the program on a regular basis

Regular meetings keep everyone on track. If a nutrition coach has no guidance on where the gym owner would like the program to go, they will be shooting in the dark and will easily fall of task.

There is no lead capture tool about nutrition collecting emails

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You need an email list! Did you know that 99% of consumers check their email daily! It is the preferred way to receive information from brands. You don’t own your followers on Instagram and Facebook, but you own and email list!

No member goal setting sessions are being done

Goal setting sessions are a great way to connect with each member of your gym. They should be used as a retention tool. However, if the client is not taking part in your nutrition coaching program they are a great way to present the option of a free intro, and also and InBody scan. We provide free scans to our clients on a quarterly basis in conjunction with their goal setting session.

There are no success stories being shared on social media, or on the website

People buy from people! Social proof is HUGE in any industry, yet in the fitness and nutrition industry it’s the largest. It is essential to building your brand! If you don’t have success stories or client testimonials on your social media, in your gym, or on your website – you are missing out!


Wrap Up

This is no an all inclusive list, and there are other reasons why your nutrition program revenue isn’t growing. That being said, use this article as a starting part to help you determine why you aren’t seeing growth.

Start with number one, and implement small changes using each bullet point as a guide. And, if you are an HSN Mentoring client, talk to your mentor! We have a ton of resources to help you in regards to each one of these bullet points.

If you are not an HSN Mentoring client but want to learn if running a nutrition coaching program in your gym is possible, click the button below to book a free no strings attached call!

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