The Welcome Back Moment

In the book, The Power of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath talk about memory and why people tend to remember the best or worst moments and forget everything in between. The book talks about providing a world-class experience in your business.  

As a business owner, the past ten weeks have been challenging to say the least, but right now, you have a unique opportunity. 

As you open your doors and your members walk in for the first time, how do you want them to feel? 

What will your welcome back moment be like?

First, you need to communicate what is going to change and how you plan on keeping your members safe. We made signs and hung them throughout the gym. Access the CANVA TEMPLATE >>HERE.

We also created a video of what they can expect and sent it out via SMS text to ensure all of our member got it.  

Like most gyms, we marked off squares for social distancing and made cleaning caddies for each square. We are using a 90/10 bleach solution, which is working out great. We have professional cleaners come regularly and are bleaching floors daily. Our members now reserve classes through PushPress. 

From there, we started communicating through our public channels. People need to hear things 7-10 times before taking action which means you need over-communicate your message. 

Here’s a sample of what your messaging might look like: 

Social Media Post >>HERE

We sent an email to our entire list then created a blog to let everyone know we were open. You can read the blog >>HERE.

HSN Gym Flyer

The power of moments is what you are going to do beyond, making them feel safe. How will you make them feel special? 

At CrossFit HSN, we only had three members pause their memberships during the ten weeks we were closed. Jason and I were unbelievably thankful that our community embraced the virtual nutrition support and workouts we were providing and stuck with us while our HQ location was closed. 

I know we provided value, but they signed up and continued to pay for a service that we could not deliver. 

Jason and I thought about how we could show them our appreciation. We created welcome bags for every member. These bags were a total cost of $25. Inside the bags, members found a Murph shirt, coffee mug, hand-written card saying thank you for their support, a bracelet and a sticker. They loved them! Watch this video to see exactly what these bags looked like >>HERE.

Our members are loving being back. People are ready to get back into the gym! Since opening, we’ve had nine sign-ups. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does my intake program look like?
  • Am I guiding clients to get started with nutrition and fitness on day one? 
  • What will the welcome back moment look like for my members?


You have an opportunity here, don’t waste it! 


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