Together, We Can Make A Difference! How To Use The Free Community Talk!

On Friday, CrossFit announced our community initiative to all affiliate owners in the weekly email.

Within just a few days, over 600 people filled out the form to download this free help. We know that gym owners want to take action to support their local communities and we want to help!


You can access a FREE nutrition talk with speaking notes, recording of us presenting it, and a downloadable guide to give away. Just fill out the form below!

Do you already work with a local non-profit that serves these populations? If you do, reach out and use this nutrition talk to help your local community!  


Here’s how to use this free help: 

  1. Ask your members if they have any connections to local churches or non-profits who help these underserved populations. 
  2. Ask for an introduction to someone at the church or non-profit.
  3. Set up a meeting with them to see how you can help. Explain that you would like to give a nutrition talk on “5 Strategies for Eating Healthy on a Budget.” 
  4. Decide if you will stream virtually or do it in-person at their facility. You want to make it easy for people to attend.
  5. Schedule a time.
  6. Print out the resource or use the link to email the downloadable guide.

Once you complete your talk, take a picture and tag at @growyournutritionbusiness — We want to highlight your excellent work to take action in your community! 

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition should be complicated. We also believe the best way to fight chronic disease is to prevent it.

Our mission is to empower gym owners and coaches to feel confident when talking to their clients about nutrition!

In the midst of the Crossfit community being torn apart, and people posting black squares, we decided we wanted to take action to support underserved populations and give back.

I connected with Josh Murphy to find out what non-profits were in the CrossFit Foundation network serve these populations. He then connected me with Green Beret Project and Steve’s Club.

I talked to Adam Kramer, who heads up Green Beret Project, about what they were doing. He mentioned something that really stood out— these kids need help understand what healthy food is and how to eat healthy on a budget.

We made a nutrition talk for him with speaking notes, a recording of the presentation and a printable to give to all of the kids in his network to help overcome this obstacle.

This issue isn’t isolated to the population that he serves in Delaware, it’s everywhere.

We decided to give this nutrition talk to every gym owner who wants to make an impact in their local community.

Connect with a local non-profit or church, host it virtual or in person.

The prep work is done for you.

It’s time that we take action as a community and star the healing process. We want to help.

Watch to Learn More About The Green Beret Project? Watch This Facebook Live Recording.


Access The Nutrition Business Workshop Replay (Presentations, Application & A Workbook)

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