Turning Pain Into Purpose

As gym owners, we have a passion for helping people. We want to see a change, so we take action through helping. 


Over the past four months, we have been on an emotional rollercoaster. Most of us survived shutting down our businesses for three months and are seeing an influx in members. If you aren’t there yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 


I believe in the vision and believe there is so much more good to be done with CrossFit Training and CrossFit Health. 


The past few weeks have been hard. The culmination of curveballs has pushed me outside my comfort zone as a business owner and leader. 


The underlying theme that I have learned is how important communication and transparency are within an organization. 


The lack of communication caused so much pain and hurt within a community I know and love.  We can turn this obstacle into an opportunity to empower healthier communities.  


Today, I’m turning pain into purpose. 


HSN Mentoring is hosting a one-day virtual event on Friday, July 10th. This Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop consists of presentations, application, and breakout sessions led by the HSN Mentoring Leadership Team. 


There will be four presentations on health, wellness, and bridging the gap between chronic disease and the solution that affiliate owners have.


To attend the live event and participate in the breakout sessions, buy a ticket >>HERE.
The event cost is only $169. The benefit of the attending the live event is to take advantage of the breakout sessions led by the HSN Mentoring team and discuss how to apply the information with your peers. 

This ensures you have a clear path to take the content in the presentations and apply it to your business!

To make this information more accessible to gym owners, we are going to give the playbacks to the presentations for FREE to gym owners. 

The Presentation Topics Include: 

  • Marketing: 4 Steps To Bridge The Gap Between The Problem & Your Solution
  • Member Retention: 4 Strategies You Need To Implement Today
  • FAD Diets: How To Be The Guide & Flexible With Your Approach
  • Expansion: How To Scale Your Business & Diversify Revenue Without Compromising Your Vision


All you need to do is register for the replay access >>HERE.
Register now and be the first to gain access on Saturday, July 11th once they are available. 


During the live event, HSN will be raising money for the Green Beret Project, a non-profit serving underprivileged youth. 

Today, I’m turning pain into purpose and pouring all the love into the community who is hurting. <3 

Stay Healthy, 

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