Want To Grow Your Nutrition Program? Consistency Is Key With These 3 Things!

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As 2024 approaches, the Healthy Steps Nutrition mentoring team highly suggests gym owners and nutrition coaches should set goals and look to improve their systems heading into the new year. Oftentimes, we see gyms have an amazing plan, but they forget to outline the action steps that will help them get there. Furthermore, they lose steam after working on a specific target for a short period of time and then move on to something else because they think what they are doing isn’t working. What they are forgetting is that consistency is key!

Steady, unwavering, consistent efforts over time are more likely to lead to positive outcomes than sporadic or occasional bursts of effort. When running a professional nutrition coaching program in your gym or as an independent coach, it’s imperative that you are consistent with many aspects of your program.

In this blog post, we will highlight three things that we think are on the top of the list when it comes to running an ongoing nutrition program in your gym.

What Is Consistency?

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Consistency refers to being steadfast and unchanging in behavior, attitudes, or actions over time. Consistency implies a commitment to a particular course of action or a set of principles, focusing on stability and reliability. People who are consistent don’t give up when things get rough or progress isn’t being made as quickly as they like. They keep practicing the habits necessary to get them where they want to be, even when they don’t see immediate results.

Here are a few ways consistency can pay off:

  1. Habit Formation: Consistency often involves establishing positive habits. Repeating actions or behaviors consistently becomes ingrained in one’s routine, making them easier to maintain over the long term. Habits can be powerful drivers of productivity and success.

  2. Incremental Progress: Consistent effort doesn’t always yield immediate results but tend to lead to gradual and sustainable progress. Small, regular steps toward a goal can accumulate over time, resulting in significant achievements.

  3. Skill Development: Whether acquiring a new skill or improving existing ones, consistent practice is essential. Regular and deliberate practice allows individuals to refine their abilities and become more proficient in their chosen areas.

  4. Building Trust and Reliability: Consistency is crucial in interpersonal relationships and professional settings. Being reliable and predictable in your actions helps build trust and credibility with others. This is true in personal relationships, work environments, and any collaborative efforts. Consistency is especially important when your role as a nutrition coach is to be a support system.

  5. Overcoming Challenges: The road to success is often filled with obstacles. Consistency provides the resilience needed to navigate challenges. When faced with setbacks, those who consistently persevere are more likely to overcome obstacles and continue moving forward.

  6. Time Management: Consistency helps in effective time management. Individuals can make progress without feeling overwhelmed by allocating time regularly to work on specific tasks or goals. This prevents procrastination and ensures that important tasks are consistently addressed.

  7. Establishing a Routine: Having a routine fosters consistency. It helps create structure and discipline in daily life, making it easier to stay on track with goals and responsibilities.

  8. Long-Term Sustainability: Consistency is not just about achieving short-term objectives; it’s about sustaining success over the long term. Maintaining consistent effort and focus helps prevent burnout and allows individuals to adapt to changing circumstances.

Now that we have established what consistency is key means, let’s look at the top three things HSN Nutrition Mentoring team thinks gym owners and coaches need to be consistent with when building a nutrition coaching program in their gym.

Top 3 Things To Be Consistent With In Your Nutrition Coaching Program

Consistency is key when it comes to your nutrition program. There are many roles and tasks that are non-negotiable when it comes to your nutrition program; however, we picked three of the main ones for this blog that we think are non-negotiable.

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#1 - Your front end offer should include nutrition from day 1

When new clients come to your gym, they need to know from day one that nutrition is part of the way they make progress. Just like consistency is key with fitness, it’s also key with nutrition. Unless you have a way for them to sign up for your nutrition coaching program from the moment they start, they are not going to buy into the premise.

All gyms running a nutrition coaching program should have an option that includes fitness, nutrition and accountability as their primary program to start. This ensures that nutrition is presented as being just as important as nutrition. Pricing and packaging your nutrition coaching program to include this option should be one of your main tasks headed into 2024 if you don’t already have this option.

#2 - Nutrition should be present in your facility

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Any person walking into your gym and taking a class should be aware that nutrition is part of the facility’s philosophy. There are several ways this can be done both physically and verbally!

→Make a nutrition board!

  1. Nutrition boards are a great way to highlight the happenings of your nutrition program, how to get started with the program, and also provide education regarding nutrition to current members of your gym.

→Implement nutrition questions of the day or week in class

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Another great way to let members know that consistency is key when it comes to their nutrition is to talk about nutrition! In class and in your private Facebook or gym members group asking a nutrition question of the day or week is an amazing way to find out more about where your clients are at regarding their nutrition and to also give them some free help.

#3 - Social proof

nutrition client success graphics showing consistency is key when sharing to social media

Consistency is key when it comes to social media. If people visiting your social platforms don’t see the presence of nutrition as part of your gym’s story, they are not going to see you as an expert in the field, nor are they going to think of you when they need nutrition coaching.

Your social media needs to talk about nutrition and also highlight clients who have been successful with healthy eating, a nutrition challenge, or as part of your ongoing nutrition coaching program. People buy from people, and there is no better way to let the world know you can help them than by proving so with other clients’ results.

Next Steps To Become Consistent When Growing Your Ongoing Nutrition Program

Action is the only way to become consistent. Set up your daily habits that will lead to consistency in one of these three areas. Remember that doing too many things at once only leads to failure. Start small by picking one of the three things above to work on.

From there, create a list of tasks that need to be completed to make things happen. Consistency is key in this next step, which involves when the tasks will be implemented to start the process. Time management is of the essence! Don’t waste time! Time is the only commodity in life we cannot get back.

What are your next steps? If you are part of the HSN Mentoring Program, talk to your business mentor about your plan. If you are not part of our program, it’s not too late to start! You can watch our free webinar on how to start a nutrition coaching program, or book a free call to learn more!

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