Why Success Stories Need To Be Told

How many times have you been impressed by a client’s success story? 

Seeing someone reach a physical and emotional change is inspiring to say the least and will leave audiences wanting to know more! The visual is amazing, but how did they do it? And more importantly, why?

This chain of reaction is exactly why HSN mentors encourage nutrition coaches to post the client success stories. And to post them consistently. Whether in a written testimonial, before and after photo form, or by way of video feedback – their impact is the same.

Many coaches aren’t sure how to ask for success stories and many clients might be nervous to provide them, so how can we bridge that gap? Providing success story visuals can be deeply personal and clients may not feel ready to share that side of their journey (specifically the “before”).  On the flip side, coaches might feel that asking for a success photo would be misconstrued as an easy way to ‘sell’ their program on social media.

Neither has to be the case.


How can nutrition coaches help educate their clients on how THEIR success stories can inspire and help others just like them?


1. Success stories if told correctly, help people realize that success isn’t only found with weight loss

As a nutrition coach, YOU can write out the questions you’re asking your highlighted client. We recommend asking how their biometric victories have helped impact how they FEEL and how they have improved their overall day! Highlighting their non scale victories and blasting them on social media is a great way to educate your audience about your program and how you can help them. It doesn’t have to always be about how much someone ‘lost’. It can be more impactful to read about what someone ‘gained’! Gained confidence, gained self esteem, gained energy, gained strength! These are all relatable goals and speak to a holistic nutrition program that does not just focus on weight loss.

2. Success stories inspire action

Many people come to us because they’ve tried ALL the FAD diets out there. Those eye-catching programs highlighted in magazines, on TikTok and on billboards. The problem is that people modeling these FAD diets are usually not following them personally and are not relatable. When they see YOUR clients on your social media feed, they instead see people just like them – and that makes it attainable. That makes it real. That makes them take action. One success story can be responsible for inspiring someone to take steps towards helping them live a long healthy life.

3. Success stories acknowledge a journey and not just end results.

We recommend that coaches highlight clients that have been working with the program for a minimum of three months. Showing the clients journey is so important in setting the tone of what your nutrition program is about and how long it takes to make realistic changes. Successes don’t happen overnight, despite what the popular FAD diet marketing tells us. The more we show our audience the amazing things our clients are achieving in a sustainable time frame, the better we can shatter that “results NOW” mentality. Hearing and seeing a clients journey to their success inspires and helps build trust around your program and coaches.

Are you posting success stories? If not - it’s not too late!

We challenge YOU to find ONE client who has found success with your program who could inspire others by next Friday!! Tag @heatherbrilkiddoo and @hsn-transformations so we can read all about it!

Listen to story of Kenny who is featured on the cover photo for this blog post and then go tell a story of your own!

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