Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 45: Providing Exceptional Service To Build Brand Advocates

Today, we have Nick Reyes on the podcast. He is a gym owner and the Chief Happiness Officer at PushPress.

Topics discussed:

  • Why you need to build brand advocates
  • How to build brand advocates
  • The power of moments


HSN has partnered with PushPress to create an amazing Nutrition App to help PushPress clients easily track their metrics.

To learn more about this app and what metrics you should be tracking, join our FREE webinar: Knowing Your Metrics on Thursday, November 5th at 3 PM EST. Click the link below to register for the webinar (attend live or catch the recording).

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The feedback from the Fighting Chronic Disease webinar was incredible! The panel (Dr. Julie Foucher, Karen Thomson, Dr. Shakha Gillin and Nicole Aucoin) discussed chronic disease and taking action to prevent chronic disease! 

We know the best way to fight chronic disease is to prevent it. The problem is most people have no idea where to start! 

In this webinar, the panel breaks down chronic disease into the simplest form and most importantly, give actionable steps you can take to take control of your health and empower others around you! 

Topics discussed: 

  • What is chronic disease? 
  • What causes chronic disease? 
  • How does nutrition play a role with chronic disease? 
  • How does fitness play a role with chronic disease? 
  • How do sleep and stress fit in? 
  • What can affiliate owners do to fight chronic disease at a local level?