3 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Mentorship is the most important professional relationship to explore. Whether you are a coach, owner, or mentor in your own right, we all benefit from having a mentor. That consistent voice of reason and opinion – someone that is invested in your success and has a role in getting you there.


What are the 3 reasons why you need a mentor?

#1 Expert Advice

Amidst all information about what to do to grow your business and how to be a better coach or owner, you need someone to cut through the noise and provide clear direction. A direction that is specific to your experience and situation – advice from someone that has walked that road long before you and can outline what to do, but even more importantly, what not to do. We learn best from our mistakes and mentors have the advantage of making those mistakes for you. That ends up saving you time spent on trial and error. 

#2 Different Perspective

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals is a positive behavior, but when it comes to getting honest feedback or different perspectives – our inner circle may be biased. When looking to grow your business and fine-tune coaching skills, biases are not our friends. A mentor is someone that is invested in your outcomes but is also able to assert an outside perspective looking in. Think back to all the decisions in your life that could have benefited from having a devil’s advocate.

#3 Accountability → 

Setting goals and building plans to attain them are great, but without someone to assign deadlines and CHECK-IN when deadlines are due – your goals mean nothing. A mentor assists in setting those goals and drawing out a plan of action that is realistic and time-based. Productivity is at its best when you’re working towards a timeline.

At HSN Mentoring, the most essential part of our business is time spent speaking with our clients on a monthly basis- offering expert advice, a different perspective, and of course accountability.


Our passion is helping our clients develop simple and successful nutrition programs – and we are here to mentor that possess every step of the way.


Do you have a mentor? If not, I know we can help!


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