3 Strategies to Avoid The Challenge Trap

Do you run nutrition challenges?
The better question is what happens after the challenge is over? 

After talking to thousands of gym owners on free calls and during live workshops over the years, it’s become abundantly clear that most gyms fall for the challenge trap.

Nutrition is a priority during the challenge. People see great results. After the challenge is over, nutrition isn’t talked about, clients go back to old habits and they are left waiting for the next challenge. Or even worse, they think, this program didn’t work for me because I gained back the weight.

Here Are 3 Strategies to Avoid The Challenge Trap:
Strategy #1: Be clear with your client journey.

You need to talk about the challenge being the start of their journey but individual nutrition coaching is where the magic happens. Make it easy for clients to sign up for ongoing nutrition coaching.

Strategy #2: Meet with clients individually.

I made the mistake of doing an assembly line for biometric testing and that wasn’t meeting with clients individually to discuss their progress and guide them to what happens next. Take the time to invest in your clients and make it clear what happens next.

Strategy #3: Don’t run too many challenges throughout the year.

We recommend 1-2 challenges per year then convert clients to ongoing nutrition coaching. The problem with running multiple challenges is that your clients won’t convert to ongoing coaching, they will wait for the next challenge. 

If you make it clear with what happens next, we would expect at least  30 percent conversion after the challenge is over to ongoing nutrition coaching.

Some gyms running HSN mentoring have 100% conversion after a challenge!

If you are planning to run another nutrition challenge this January, don’t fall into the challenge trap. 

Are you are looking for help launching a nutrition challenge or a solution to provide your clients with support after a challenge is over, we can help!

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Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring

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