3 Ways to Increase Engagement During Your Nutrition Challenge

It’s January! It’s the one time of year that the majority of gyms are talking about nutrition. The majority of gyms are planning to launch a nutrition challenge in January. 

Challenges are a great way to kickstart your client’s journey to health, but they aren’t a long-term solution. They aren’t a solution at all. 

The problem is most of the excitement about the nutrition challenge dies out after the first couple of weeks if you aren’t careful, and your clients fall right back into old habits after the challenge is over. 

Here are 3 Ways to Increase Engagement During Your Challenge:

  1. Create Mini-Challenges with Rewards During Your Big Challenge

Mini-challenges allow you to highlight clients who are doing awesome and give them a little prize. The idea of winning something will keep people motivated. They are a great time to highlight any community partners that you have. 

For example: at HSN HQ, during Week 2 of our 6-week Challenge, we will be giving away a $25 gift card to a local company whom we have partnerships with for the person who logs the lowest amount of sugar for the week. 

  1. Set a Schedule During the Seminar

Use group engagement, in the HSN app or a facebook group, to promote interaction between clients. You might tell clients to post their meal prep on Sundays or share on thing they nailed for the week on Fridays. As a coach leading the challenge, you want to make sure you are commenting back to participants and engaging with them in the group feature. 

  1. Meet with Clients Individually 

The goal during a challenge is to start your client’s journey to health, but the real magic happens after the challenge is over. We recommend setting up at least two individual meetings with clients during the challenge. If you are pressed for time, at least set up one individual meeting at the end of the challenge to discuss all the awesome things that your client accomplished, the struggles they had, their progress, their next goal, and how you can help with continued ongoing nutrition coaching. By setting up 20-30 minute appointments with clients at the end, you can help them create a vision of what success looks like long-term with you in it! Check out the recent podcast on 3 Ways to Increase Conversion After A Nutrition Challenge HERE.

You want to make sure that you are charging appropriately for your nutrition challenge and valuing your time. 

What are you going to do differently this year during your nutrition challenge? 

Do you plan to use a challenge as the catapult to build ongoing support for your clients? 

If you are looking for help to run a challenge and provide a nutrition coaching solution after a nutrition challenge, we want to help! Book a free call today. 


Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring

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