How To Pay A Nutrition Coach In A Gym (Option #1 Is Our Favorite)

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Are you a gym owner with a nutrition coaching program looking to enhance the health and wellness of your members, and also add a revenue stream? With obesity levels in the United States affecting over 41% of the population, the role of a nutrition coach is in high demand. But, understanding how to fairly pay […]

15 Reasons Your Gym’s Nutrition Program Revenue Is Not Growing

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If you are a gym owner looking to increase your gym’s nutrition program revenue, then this article is for you! Running a nutrition program in a gym is an exciting endeavor, but behind the scenes, gym owners and coaches often find themselves overwhelmed with daily tasks. The demanding nature of this business can make it […]

How To Increase Nutrition Revenue In A Gym – Part 5: Employee Wellness


Welcome to our blog series on how to increase nutrition coaching revenue in a gym! In part 5 we will discuss all things employee wellness! If you are a gym owner looking to increase revenue in your gym, keep reading. We will show you how offering employee wellness through your nutrition coaching program can bring […]

How To Increase Nutrition Coaching Revenue In A Gym – Part 2: Nailing The Free Intro

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At HSN Mentoring we are dedicated to helping gym owners and nutrition coaches increase nutrition coaching revenue in their gyms. We provide a turn key solution and education platform to deliver a professional nutrition, and health coaching program in fitness facilities world wild. In this blog series we are highlighting the steps necessary to increase […]