Podcast Episode 157: How CrossFit Rome Doubled His Nutrition Coaching Program & LaunchedAn Employee Wellness Program In 5 Months

Join Nicole Aucoin in this enlightening episode as she interviews Jeff Holloway, owner of Rome Strength and Fitness (formerly CrossFit Rome). Discover how Jeff and his team transformed their gym by doubling their nutrition coaching program in just five months and launching an impactful employee wellness initiative. Through their conversation, they delve into the crucial […]

Podcast Episode 156: How To Increase Confidence As A Leader Or A Coach

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin shares her insights on the importance of a holistic approach to nutrition and the role of leadership and confidence in coaching. She emphasizes continuous learning, surrounding oneself with mentors and experts, and implementing systems for success. Nicole also promotes the upcoming Gym Accelerator Summit, an event focused on bridging the […]

How To Increase Confidence As A Nutrition Coach

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to speak at the Central CrossFit Summit, The NE CrossFit Affiliate Summit, and the MidWest CrossFit Affiliate Summit.  At every event, there was one theme coming from gym owners, “I’m not confident helping my clients with nutrition beyond ‘what worked well for me,’ or I’m not confident […]

Inside The Gym Accelerator Summit

Are you looking to level up your business so that you can increase client results, retention and add a revenue stream?  The Gym Accelerator Summit is a 2.5-day live event focused on prioritizing health inside your gym so you can:↗️ Increase member results↗️ Increase member retention↗️ Increase business revenue ↗️ Increase your impact   By joining this event, I guarantee you will walk away with actionable tips […]

Podcast Episode 155: Prioritizing Mental Health For Yourself & Your Clients In A Gym

Dr. Christina Migliara empowers gym owners and coaches to address the rising mental health crisis through a unique framework that combines outdoor walks, hobbies, and psychological principles, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and positivity in the community. Dr. Christina Migliara is a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness, with over 20 years of […]

Podcast Episode 153: CrossFit Health: Bridging The Gap Between Fitness & Healthcare

In this episode, Nicole interviews Mike Giardina, about the mission of CrossFit Health to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness. The focus of CrossFit Health has evolved from exposing the ills of modern medicine and research to finding solutions that can help patients. Their solution is to create a network of intermediaries who educate […]

Live Q&A With CrossFit HQ Affiliate Team: Building Nutrition Coaching Programs

In This Training Recording, You Will Learn: How to price a nutrition coaching program How to increase member buy-in with a nutrition program How to increase sign-ups for nutrition on day 1 for a new member How to handle objections like “CrossFit is expensive” Watch The Training Recording Below Links Mentioned During The Training EASY […]

Podcast Episode 151: Inside The Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Framework Part 4: Making Nutrition Coaching Program Present Online & In Your Gym

In this episode, we explore the significance of having nutrition present in your gym or fitness facility. It’s more than just placing up physical signs and displays; it’s also about incorporating nutrition into conversations and online content. When gym owners prioritize nutrition and accountability coaching programs, they can help their clients achieve better results and […]