HSN Mentoring Client Spotlight: CrossFit Souhegan

Meet Zach, the nutrition coach at CrossFit Souhegan!

His nutrition program is thriving and he has big goals to double the size of his nutrition program over the next three months!

What were you doing before you made changes to your sales pitch in your Free Intro?

Before working with HSN, our gym offered a free intro, but we lacked structure. The free intro was more of a meet and greet with a quick tour of the facility, and an elevator pitch on CrossFit. While we were successful in signing up people for CrossFit classes, hybrid or nutrition memberships were few and far between. With our new Free Intro process, we are able to get to know these new prospective clients on a much deeper level, and are able to confidently recommend a membership package that will benefit their needs and get them to the results they seek.

Since switching to offering one hybrid packing in your free intro process, what has changed?

Sales were-and are still- admittedly not my strong suit. I always felt guilty recommending an expensive membership package, even if I knew it was going to benefit the client. My default would be to automatically recommend the cheapest membership, or even worse give them 2-3 options to choose from. Through working with HSN, and specifically having recent conversations with Melinda, I have switched my approach to offering just one hybrid (CrossFit and nutrition) package during Free Intros. This has proven drastically more successful than past strategies. The clients are less confused on which package to choose, they are more confident in our abilities to help them, and are seeing better results than just classes alone!

How has adding nutrition coaching to your facility affected your gym?

Since adding nutrition coaching to our facility, we have seen a big mental shift in the way our clients look at health. Since our coaches are talking about nutrition more and there is information posted all around the facility, we hear the members talking about it more as well. I constantly overhear our members sharing new recipes, or asking each other what they are making for dinner that night. People who have been with us for years are now paying more attention to their eating habits and are seeing better results both in and out of the gym. The nutrition challenge we kicked off our program with, really switched a lot of peoples thoughts on what healthy eating is- and isn't!- and developed new bonds as well.

If you could give advice to a gym owner or nutrition coach running a nutrition program what would it be?

My advice to a gym owner thinking about running a nutrition program would be 1. Work with HSN! Everyone is welcoming and thoughtful and brilliant in their own right. HSN really lays the groundwork for a great program and gives you a wealth of tools to use. I know personally how stressful putting together a new program can be, and HSN made it much easier than I could have on my own. My second piece of advice would be to remind yourself to keep it simple. The nutrition world is confusing enough for our members, the last thing they need is us muddying the waters even more. Work on developing meaningful relationships with your clients and stick with simple habits that have the most impact.

5. Where do you see the program in 3 months? 

In 3 months, I can see our nutrition program realistically doubling in the size of clients we have. Because of HSN, we have some great systems in place and are confident in our ability to add more members and hopefully need to bring on new nutrition coaches soon!

Any final thoughts? 

Creating a new nutrition program for your gym is one of the more beneficial things you can offer your members. It is also an extremely daunting task. There is so much to do and account for, that thinking of everything to do at once can bring upon a crippling anxiety that may lead some to put off even beginning in the first place. HSN takes care of that for you. They teach you the system, they give you the templates, they show you the way from start to finish and everything in between. If we were to have done this on our own, we may have gotten to where we are now, but it might have taken us a few years, instead of a few months.

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