4 Tips When Creating The First Action Step With Your Nutrition Clients

We live in a microwave society. People expect instant results. More effort means more results. Right? 

Unless it doesn’t… Research shows when you try to change too much at one time, the likelihood of maintaining those changes is minimal. 

We know that clients are more successful when focusing on only one thing at a time. 

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. 

Our 🖐🏼 Core Principles at Healthy Steps Nutrition Are:
  1. Eat Real Food
  2. Focus on only one habit at a time
  3. Consistency is the most important piece of the puzzle
  4. Your plan is customized based on where you are starting from
  5. Nutrition coaches are there to provide support and accountability every steps of the way

Our coaches strive to help clients create a positive relationship with food, not a restrictive diet. We focus on real foods, not food products.  


Here are four tips when creating the first action step with your clients: 

Foster a positive relationship with food 

  • Add instead of taking away
  • Look at balance
  • When you ask about meals, ask clients to relate portions to their hands. Does it look like the plate method? 

Here’s an example: A client’s first action step might be to add in veggies instead and eat those first instead of taking away something. If you tell a client they “can’t” have something, we naturally want more of it! 

Don’t reinvent the wheel

  •  Go back to what’s worked in the last 
  • Stay away from what hasn’t worked in the past

Identify any barriers

  • Ask your client what obstacles they can see getting in the way

Here’s an example: We were meeting with a client recently and we discussed bringing in a snack with her to work. She mentioned not having a fridge at work and not having much time. In this case, we would give examples of some shelf-stable snacks that do not require refrigeration. 

Walkthrough the HOW 

  • Everything sounds great until they walk out of the office and realize — life is crazy, HOW will I fit this in. 
  • If you keep it simple and set your clients up with a plan to implement the HOW, they will be more likely to carry through with that plan.  

Are you looking to become a more confident nutrition coach, HSN Mentoring can help! 

Hope to see you there! 

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