5 Creative Ways To Keep Members Engaged

New things are exciting but when will this excitement wear off? The truth is we don’t really know.

I can tell you at HSN HQ, we are increasing attendance to virtual classes and we are on Day 12. This is because we are talking about it. When we do virtual meetings with our clients, we are helping them find a new normal and schedule in their workouts. If they can make it to a live class via zoom, that is on their schedule. Our members are getting a text daily to join the classes with the link. Jason, our coaches and I are all taking the classes.

If you are hosting zoom classes, check out the zoom crash course on the free help page to know exactly what we are doing. Make sure you promote engagement at the beginning and end of every class. Access zoom crash course >>HERE.

People need to hear things 7-10 times to take action. If you aren’t talking about the workouts and getting quotes from people who are taking the workouts, it will be tough for your virtual classes to pick up momentum. 

Your member retention strategy needs to be deeper than zoom classes a couple of times a week. Now is the time to get creative and get the momentum going to keep your members engaged.

Today, I want to talk about 5 creative ways we are increasing engagement at we have done at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ

1. Stay Healthy Bingo >>HERE.

When someone finishes the entire card, they will get some free swag. The goal of Stay Healthy Bingo is to keep people engaged and it is some free organic social media exposure for you! 

(HSN Mentoring clients — use the template in the toolkit)

2. Daily Coffee time — Member-Only Benefit

We host daily coffee before our 9 AM class. Members jump on the zoom link before work and just say hi. We laugh and have some coffee then they start their day. It’s become part of their new routine. For many of our clients, this is the most social interaction they have all day now that everyone is working at home in front of a computer. 

To kick-off coffee time, here’s the text we sent out: {You’re Invited} Join us for coffee tomorrow at 8:45 AM before the 9 AM Class. We miss you and want to see your face even if you can’t stay long. <3 Here’s the link for coffee and/or a workout. {Insert Zoom Link} PS- Bring your own coffee. 😉

3. Individual Calls/Meetings With Clients — Member-Only Benefit

This is the most important thing you need to do right now! Use the template for managing your clients and the template for client meetings to ensure you are helping clients identify what success looks like to them and what one thing they need to do to get there. At HSN HQ, every member was assigned a coach. They have weekly touchpoints with that coach through the HSN App or a virtual call. The accountability and support are what they are valuing the most right now. You can access the meeting template >>HERE. (HSN Mentoring clients — use the template in the toolkit)

4. Virtual PE — Paid Service

With kids at home, this is the perfect opportunity to launch a virtual kid PE class. We are charging $20 per week and gearing this for kids ages 8-12. We have already sold 10 spots in the first two days of launching it! (HSN Mentoring clients — use the template in the toolkit)

5. Friday Happy Hour >>HERE 

Member-Only Benefit

CrossFit is built on community and your community needs that social interaction now more than ever. Invite your members to pop onto zoom after the evening workout and say hi to cheers the end of a week. If they can’t make the workout, they can jump on and just say hi at 6:30 PM. (HSN Mentoring clients — use the template in the toolkit)

If you are thinking, all of these sound great but what should I do first? 

Start with #3 Individual Meetings. This needs to be done first. Divide your list between your coaches and triage. Start with clients who are not engaged in the workouts, logging scores or are the newest. You need to get clients set up with a plan for individualized support and community engagement prior to them requesting to cancel or freeze their membership. 

Make sure you over-communicate the Member-Only Benefits that you are providing your clients!

Please be proactive. Turn this obstacle into an opportunity to help your community stay healthy! 


Stay Healthy, 



As a gym owner, you have an opportunity to lead your community to stay healthy and fit. 

We transitioned to a virtual platform 10 days ago. There are been some late nights and early mornings but it has been 100% worth it. 

In this live recording we discuss:

  • How to tell your members — communication is key
  • The importance of calling members and providing individualized support
  • How we are running virtual classes
  • Fun ways we are keeping our members engaged right now like morning coffee time, bingo and individually checking in with clients


The amount of information out there can be paralyzing but as a business owner, you need to take this obstacle and turn it into an opportunity to pivot to a virtual platform and help your community. 


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