Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 75: 4 Strategies To Increase Nutrition-Only Clients Into Your Gym

Are you looking to expand your nutrition program and add nutrition-only clients?
In today’s episode, Ashley Osterman and Nicole Aucoin discuss four strategies to increase nutrition-only clients in a gym or wellness facility.
By offering a nutrition-only membership, you will be able to support people in your community who might not be interested in your gym but are looking for help with nutrition.

4 Strategies To Increase Nutrition-Only Clients in a Gym or Wellness Facility

Establish yourself as the expert

This starts with a consistent message about nutrition, you have to be putting out nutrition content that’s relatable to people. You have to be providing some free help and simple tips. 
2 great options for free help is a downloadable guide and nutrition seminars.
A downloadable guide is a great opportunity for you to use a lead capture to get people’s names, email and phone number who are interested in nutrition. Then you can add them to your email campaign and include your call to action.
Free nutrition seminars through Zoom are a great way to get people interested in your nutrition program and to be able to prompt them to sign up for a nutrition challenge.

Share success stories

It’s really important for you to actually share the story, not just the win.  What were people struggling with, before they signed up with your program? How did you help them? What were the scale victories, but then the non-scale victories?
Ask the person who you are sharing the success story of to also share it right on their own social media, including your coaches.

Make it easy for people who are interested in nutrition help to come to you

Let people know that they do not need to be a member to come in and have help with nutrition.
Sometimes when people see a gym, they don’t necessarily relate nutrition help. If it’s not  consistent in your message on your website everywhere, they’re not going to know you offer nutrition and they might be hesitant to come in because maybe they’re not ready for the gym and they just need help dialing in their nutrition.
At HSN HQ, we open up nutrition challenges to the public, this has worked really well for us getting non-members to join nutrition coaching and ongoing nutrition coaching. Invite past members to come and join the nutrition challenge or have members invite a coworker, spouse or a sister or a friend, someone who is also looking for help with nutrition.

Partnerships and expansion into the community

Try partnering with a local businesses who cater to your ideal clients who might be able to help them, they might be able to help you with exposure for both of your audiences.
There’s a huge opportunity with corporate partnerships to help people beyond the walls of your gym and starting with nutrition only and then expanding to fitness. It’s a really great opportunity to expand your reach and help more people within your community become a healthier version of themselves.

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