Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 76: 3 Tips To Increase Efficiency As A Nutrition Coach

Today, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman discuss increasing efficiency as a nutrition coach.
We know that time is money, and if you are not efficient with your time, it’s going to feel like you are spinning your wheels but going nowhere.
Instead, you need to follow these three tips to save you time to focus on more clients. We are seeing trends from gyms of increased nutrition client sign-ups.
If you are looking to help more people with nutrition, you need to follow the tips discussed in this episode.

3 Tips To Increase Efficiency As A Nutrition Coach

Time Blocking

Being able to concentrate on your work effort with few distractions in one block of time, this leads to a better work production and faster time so you’re being more productive and more efficient overall.
Set up a four hour block per week when you’re going to see clients. Once you fill that up, then add more hours either at the beginning or end of that block or if you need an additional 4 hour block another day of the week.
Set expectations from the beginning with your client, this is going to really help foster that trust and that rapport between you and your client.


You need systems in place. Systems allow you to provide a consistent experience and to help more people in a less amount of time.
You don’t want to start from scratch every single time you meet a client.
You should have email templates, client resources, check-in templates and some standard things that’s the base for your client experience, and then build off of that.
Keep in mind that clients will understand and take away things in different ways so make sure everything is standardized and consistent no matter which way you’re delivering the information to the client.


You need a platform, a streamlined way to manage your clients.
If you have a platform to manage your clients, after you meet with that client, go ahead and schedule messages and custom habits. Make sure you put those notes so that you don’t have to go back and remember all of that stuff later it’s going to help you increase efficiency.

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