Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 80: How Sara Carter Built A Nutrition Coaching Program To Support All New Clients & Increased Revenue By Over 25%

In this episode, Sara Carter discusses how she used the Healthy Steps Nutrition platform to build a wildly successful nutrition program.
Topics Discussed:
– Her role as a gym owner to support the growth
– How she became more confident with selling the nutrition program in the front-end offer
– How the HSN app has been a game changer to help them streamline the delivery of their nutrition program
If you are a gym owner looking to add a nutrition program to your business, listen to this episode!

Topics discussed in this episode

Sara's role as a gym owner

After realizing she needed to make a change in her own health and wellness, Sara signed on as nutrition client with Healthy Steps Nutrition. Not only does she feel better, this has given her more confidence in selling her nutrition program and ultimately helping more people.
Sara does all the free intro’s at her gym. She has built nutrition into the foundation of her business, where every single free intro coming in is either signing up for nutrition or nutrition and fitness. 

How she became more confident with selling the nutrition program

Selling nutrition has become such an easier conversation for Sara.
The more confident that you get doing it, the easier it is, in the long run, you are helping these people.
At Sara’s gym, Portside Fitness, every single person that’s coming in is starting as a nutrition client. 25 to 30% of their revenue ongoing is from nutrition coaching! 
Some of that revenue is contributed to higher accountability with nutrition coaching and fitness packages as the front end offer that Sara has built into her gym.

How the HSN App has been a game-changer

The HSN App has helped Sara and her nutrition coaches effectively communicate with their clients. They also use the HSN content in the App to keep up with their support and accountability in between in person meetings with their clients.

Sara said, “The HSN App has been a game-changer for us, if we didn’t have the HSN App with everything we need in one place, I don’t know that we could keep taking on clients.”

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