Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 84: Building A Personality Behind Your Nutrition Program

Today, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman are talking about building a personality behind your nutrition program.

Whether you are a CrossFit affiliate owner, independent nutrition coach, big box gym, boutique fitness owner, or someone thinking about starting a nutrition program; this episode is for YOU!

Why? Because it’s easier to build trust with a person, not a brand. People buy from people they trust!

Stay tuned until the end of this episode; Nicole Aucoin will give you two simple tips that are guaranteed to save you time when starting to put a personality behind your program.

Additional Support

Tips When Starting To Create Video Content

  • Talk about things your ideal clients care about
    • If you are marketing to kids — talk about picky eaters, healthy and simple recipes or balanced lunchbox ideas
    • If you are marketing to moms looking to lose weight — talk about undereating, balanced lunches, on-the-go tips, healthy recipes the family will love, the missing piece of the puzzle when trying to lose weight (accountability and support)
  • Video Content Template
    • State The Program
    • Introduce Yourself
    • Give 1-3 Tips
    • Leave With A Call To Action

Share Success Stories

  • Pick 1-2 clients per month to highlight on your blog
    • Ask questions about what their problem was before joining the gym, how your program helped them and what they would say to someone considering your program
    • Create a template for your blog then use the same format to highlight future clients
    • Repurpose your blogs in email content and post on your social media pages then share to your personal page

Curious what the Healthy Steps Nutrition Program Looks Like From A Client's Perspective?

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