How to Build Hybrid Memberships In 3 Easy Steps

If you haven’t jumped on the hybrid memberships train, you need to because you are already missing out on massive amounts of business and revenue. 

If you aren’t sure what hybrid memberships are, here’s a quick recap. Hybrid memberships mean that you have packaged programs together to make it easy for your clients to enroll in multiple services under the same membership. 

Hybrid memberships are a key concept that is taught during the training process because it is vital to the success of the program. 

Why? If you make it difficult for clients to sign up for both, they won’t do it. By bundling options together, it’s easy, which means people will choose this option when guided to it. 

How to Build Hybrid Nutrition Memberships In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Establish 2-3 Tiers of Nutrition Packages

You should tier packages based on accountability and support, not the kind of nutrition support you are giving your clients. Clients are coming to you confused because they don’t know what diet is best for them, they are looking to you to guide them in the right direction. Don’t give them a reason to not sign up. 

Look at the total amount of time you are spending with the clients, in-person and virtually, determine what you want to make per hour then do the math. The gold standard is to package  programs together as 3-month commitments. 

At Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ, the nutrition coaching options start at monthly in-person visits for $179/month for a minimum of 3-month commitment. With this package, a coach would work with a client for about two hours the first month and one hour per month after that. This includes in-person and virtual support. 

2. Package Your Nutrition and Fitness Memberships Together

Clients need your nutrition support long after the first month or a challenge. Create a “Wellness Membership” that includes nutrition coaching in addition to the group fitness membership rate. Our standard accountability nutrition package after the first 3-month commitment is $99/month ongoing.

After the initial 3-month commitment, clients roll right into a wellness membership, which includes ongoing support with their nutrition coach and monthly in-person meetings. 

This allows clients to continuously have the support they need for long-term results. 

If you not offering nutrition in addition to fitness classes, you are not able to fully support your client’s needs and you are losing revenue. 

It takes time to set up, but once you do, you are truly offering the solution to your client’s problem — nutrition and fitness. 

3. Revamp Your Intake Programs To Guide Clients To Hybrid Packages

What is the first step someone needs to take to get started? Do they book a free intro? How much is nutrition discussed during the free intro? 

Nutrition should be discussed in the sales process. You should be asking nutrition questions and testing biometrics during a free intro then guiding your potential new client to an option that would help them achieve their goals the fastest (nutrition and fitness)

Many gyms are doing 90-day or 6-week programs where nutrition is mandatory. 

If you are wondering what to charge– add up the total cost for the programs then average the cost for 3 months. 

Here’s what it looks like at HSN HQ:

OnRamp- 4 Personal Training Sessions (1-hour each)


2 Weeks of Group Fitness


Month 2 Group Fitness


Month 3 Group Fitness


Standard Nutrition Coaching Membership

$169/month (3 payments)

Total Cost of These Services


Average 3-Month Cost


12-Week Transformation Cost

$369/month (3 Payments)

Creating hybrid memberships is the best way to grow an ongoing nutrition program. If you aren’t offering this in your gym, you need to be. 

The first step of the training process with HSN Mentoring is nailing down offerings and ensuring gym owners feel confident that they are packing their programs correctly.

Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring

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