HSN Gym Spotlight: FXNL Training

FXNL Training has been running the HSN program for just 3 months and they have already seen success with their program. Owner, Lorraine has seen tremendous value in the program already as people are coming to them with a problem and they work together to put a plan in place that will help them work towards solving that problem. The entire staff stepped up and their communication has been amazing since starting the HSN program. Read more about how FXNL Training has had success with the HSN program in just 3 months time!

1. How has offering nutrition coaching provided direct benefit to your members?

For us it's very important to address fitness and nutrition at the same time so we’ve always offered nutrition coaching. However, the systems HSN provides us with have given our clients a clear and concise path towards their goals right from day 1. Those who sign up for our nutrition programs have seen results in as little as 6 weeks. They are feeling confident, more energetic and overall happier with their progress.

2. What steps did you take to get your staff on board with the program?

Our gym manager Nikki and myself have AMAZING communication with one another on a daily basis. I am very fortunate to have someone like her…In the beginning of our journey with HSN, we held a staff meeting to talk about all the changes we were starting to work through and how the mentorship will completely elevate our gym. They were informed on our new nutrition/hybrid plans, new challenges, and we even walked them through the changes we made to our free intro process. After the initial staff meeting, we spoke to our mentor Heather and she recommenced “time blocking” and wow……this was a complete game changer for both of us. Her and I have zoom meetings every Monday and she stepped up and coordinated bi-weekly zoom meetings for our coaching team. Coaches were 100% excited and on board from the start which solidifies this was the right decision for our gym.

3. Do you feel that adding nutrition coaching has provided additional value to your facility?

10000% percent. It has added tremendous value as people come to us with a problem and we work together to put a plan in place that will help them work towards solving that problem. On the fitness side, we have clients becoming more and more confident to try new skills and increase the intensity in their workouts. All around success!

4. If you could give advice to a gym owner or nutrition coach running a nutrition program what would it be?

Sign up with HSN ASAP. Even coaches need coaches right? I wish I would have done this 3 years ago, but its never too late. HSN has done the trial and error and been through the mistakes so don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Join the community and use they help they provide. It will change your life.

5. What resources do you enjoy/use the most?

Honestly, everything in the dashboard is so useful! For me, the social media content is first, love letters and then the challenge framework is what I have used the most. I have looked at everything else and I can’t wait to dive in the cooperate and kids modules.

6. Please provide any additional information you would like to include

I hope to Continue to watch HSN EXPAND because people need your help:) It would be amazing to see HSN have a course specifically in the RD curriculum at colleges/universities. When I was in school to be a Registered Dietitian we only had about 2 counseling courses and ZERO on how to start your own practice. I think RD programs should add a few courses or workshops on how to be an entrepreneur in the Nutrition world as many of us branch off to start our own business.

7. How quickly did you see a return on investment after starting with HSN?

We started in October and we are just about 1/2 way there.

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