HSN Gym Spotlight: Nakoma Strong

Nakoma Strong has been running the HSN nutrition program for 1 year! During quarantine they kept their clients motivated and on track by focusing on stress management and balance. Nakoma Strong recently had an awesome conversion rate from a challenge by keeping weekly habits very simple and attainable. They were able to keep their clients engaged with daily posts in their HSN group chat that included tips, resources, recipes, and engaging questions. Read more to learn about how they have had success with their nutrition program!

1. What is the one thing YOU feel worked best to keep nutrition clients on track and motivated during quarantine?

We met our clients where they were. Every single client was affected by covid in someway. For a lot of them, we took a step back and focused on stress management and balance. We celebrated the small victories and worked on progress and never perfection. We have a 1:1 Client Group Chat through HSN and that gave them an additional safe place to express themselves whether that be asking questions, freely talk about their struggles, or celebrate their success. Additionally, we hosted a Virtual Happy Hour and a couple of Saturday morning “Coffee with Your Coach" over Zoom. This was a fun way to keep engaged and foster community.

2. You had a great conversion from a simple, yet effective challenge last quarter – what do you attribute that high conversion rate to?

We spent more time with the clients before the challenge individually and asked them why their goals are important to them. At their initial challenge meeting, we scheduled a half way check-in (group zoom chat), and also scheduled their end of challenge wrap-up appointment. We talked about becoming an on-going client from the very first appointment. During the challenge, we kept the weekly habits very simple and attainable. The challenge clients were able to feel successful throughout the entire challenge. We were able to keep them all engaged with daily posts in our HSN group chat that included tips, resources, recipes, and engaging questions. The biggest take away from the challenge for ALL of us is: The challenge or the habits do not need to be complicated in order to achieve their goals!

3. What would your go-to HSN resource be (from the GYNB dashboard) and why?

Monthly Content. It is so helpful for providing good information to our social audience! I frequently use the Food Guide! Clients enjoy a visual of a foods they can choose from. It makes it easy to breakdown the foods we should eat most and what foods we should eat less.

4. You’ve reached your nutrition client load max during a very difficult year for most – what is your secret!!!?? 

To keep things simple. Don't overcomplicate things. The biggest thing I have learned is to let my clients express themselves in a safe place and really listen to them. Celebrate all the wins, big and small.

5. Tell me a little about how you dealt with quarantine personally while still finding time and energy to motivate your members and clients!

Quarantine was incredibly difficult for me and I really had to take a step back and focus on what I could handle. Covid forced me to balance my life and implement new routines to keep me grounded. I am able to take hard lessons and guide my clients through similar hardships.

6. You’re looking to add to your nutrition coaching team, which is so exciting! Tell me the MOST IMPORTANT quality you’re looking for in a nutrition coach! Is this different than what you would have said a year ago? If so, why?

You have to care about people and be able to empathize. Knowledge about nutrition can be learned and healthy habits can be formed over time, but we can’t teach people to be happy or to care about others. The key to a nutrition coach to client relationship is trust built on a foundation of empathy. When I first start nutrition coaching I knew that you needed to care, but I was surprised at how much understanding and patience it requires. You really need to meet your clients where they are and intently listen to what they're saying.

Alyssa Rosado, Nutrition Coach

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