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Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast
Episode 66: 3 Proven Strategies To Increase Staff-Buy In With Your Nutrition Program

Is your Staff Bought-In?

As a gym owner and/or nutrition coach, you aren’t going to be in front of every member. Ensuring your staff is on the same page is vital to the success of your program.
Here’s the problem, coaches will not talk about what they don’t feel comfortable with, so it’s your job as a nutrition coach and an owner to train them and ensure they feel comfortable!
But some gyms have exceptional staff buy-in.
What do they do differently?
In this episode, Ashley Osterman and Nicole Aucoin discuss three proven strategies to increase staff buy-in.
When you have increased staff buy-in and a consistent message about where nutrition should be on your client’s priority list, you will have increased success with your nutrition program. If you are a nutrition coach, please send this episode to your gym owner!
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Is your staff bought-in?

No matter what type of business you are in, an organization is only as good as its’ people.

As gym owners, our reach extends only so far. There are only so many hours in the day. We cannot coach classes, clean the bathrooms, post to social media, do the book work and also work on growing the business. Simply said, we cannot do everything ourselves and expect our gyms to provide an income high enough to support any type of lifestyle. We must have employees to help us.

Time and time again I hear owners say “I just can’t get my coaches to buy-in. They won’t go that extra mile and I don’t feel like they care.”

Our role as leaders is to cast a vision. Before we assume that we have a lemon employee who doesn’t care, let’s revisit what we as owners have done to influence our staff and create a clear path of growth and leadership in their role.

Nutrition Made Simple Podcast

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Episode 18: Identifying Nutrition-Related Triggers & How To Manage Them Listen >>HERE 

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Healthy recipes that the entire family will love are tough to find! In this cookbook, Brody and Cooper Aucoin share their favorite healthy recipes. They hope to inspire other families to eat healthy and try new things. In this cookbook, you will find dietitian tips and healthy meal ideas by the founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition and Registered Dietitian, Nicole Aucoin.

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