Nutrition Program Updates With HSN Mentoring: February 8th

Save time and don’t reinvent the wheel when building and growing a nutrition program in a gym. 

Leverage all of the tools and resources provided by HSN Mentoring.  

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Fueling for Performance- Nutrition Talk


Here are 3 reasons to plan your next nutrition talk:

1️⃣- Gain exposure to your nutrition program
2️⃣- Helps establish rapport and defines you as the expert
3️⃣- Sets your business apart from others

Free Help: The Ultimate Nutrition Program Starter Guide

Let’s Face It! You Don’t Have Time To Build A Nutrition Program From Scratch. The FREE Training includes:

  • Free Checklist & Starter Guide To Building A Nutrition Program

  • List Of Additional Free Help Resources All In One Spot Just For You

  • Weekly Emails & Additional FREE Help To Build A Wildly Successful Nutrition Program

Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast
Episode 60: How To Build A Nutrition Program Into A CrossFit Gym

What do you NEED to know when building a nutrition program? 

In this episode, Jason and Nicole Aucoin, the owners of Healthy Steps Nutrition and CrossFit HSN, discuss what you really need to know when building a nutrition program into a CrossFit Gym!

Adding a nutrition program will:
– Help your clients see better results
– Increase the lifetime value of your clients
– Add a revenue stream
– Expand your reach to beyond members of your gym

Listen for the last thing that we talk about; this is the downfall for MOST gyms!

If you love this podcast, check out our new podcast, Nutrition Made Simple!

Don’t forget to click the link in the show notes; you will find a 7-day jumpstart guide on the blog post for this episode that’s 100% FREE!

Featured Blog Post

Where do you start when building a nutrition program from scratch?

Building a nutrition program from scratch when it’s not your expertise can feel overwhelming to say the least but most gym owners know they need a nutrition program in-house to support their members.
By adding a nutrition program in-house, you will be able to help your clients see better and faster results, increase retention, increase a revenue stream and expand the reach of your services! 

The next question is where do you start when building a nutrition program from scratch! 

After helping thousands of gym owners around the world implement nutrition programs since 2014, we understand what it takes to build a wildly successful nutrition program and how to help it grow! 
If you are a gym owner looking to build a nutrition program in your gym beyond a challenge or informal conversation, START HERE by reading today’s feature blog! 
Nutrition Made Simple Podcast

New Episode Released Weekly!

 If you have not listened to these yet you should! If you have not passed these episodes to YOUR nutrition clients you NEED to!

Episode 12: Nutrition Tips for the CrossFit Open >>HERE

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