Podcast Episode 163: How To Increase Nutrition Revenue In A Gym

In this podcast episode, Nicole Aucoin discusses the importance of nutrition revenue and its impact on the growth and success of gyms. She shares statistics and insights from a national survey and a live event, revealing that while many gyms claim to offer nutrition programs, they generate less than 5% of their revenue from them. Nicole emphasizes the need for gyms to scale and expand their nutrition coaching services to reach more people and create more opportunities. She breaks down the math and outlines strategies for increasing nutrition revenue, including running challenges, offering ongoing coaching, and launching employee wellness programs. Nicole also highlights the significance of a strong sales process and effective marketing to attract clients and showcase the value of nutrition services. By implementing these strategies, gyms can significantly boost their revenue and make a greater impact on their community’s health and well-being.
In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • Many gyms miss the opportunity to generate more revenue and impact by not focusing on nutrition services.
  • Gyms implementing the Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN) program see a 10x return on investment with higher revenue from nutrition.
  • Nutrition coaches can handle 30-40 clients part-time, while dieticians can manage up to 50 clients in just two days a week.
  • A three-month commitment model with higher rates initially can generate substantial revenue from nutrition coaching.
  • Running nutrition challenges can convert participants to ongoing coaching and generate excitement.
  • Successful gyms target existing members, non-members in their network, and nutrition-only clients through social media, email marketing, and front-end offers.
  • Gyms can expand their nutrition program to employee wellness, reaching a broader audience beyond their physical location.

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