Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 86: Building A Nutrition Program at CrossFit Riverside & Upcoming CrossFit Affiliate Owner District Gatherings

Today's guest is Richard Alvarez, the owner of CrossFit Riverside, a 12-year affiliate owner. He is also the CrossFit US Field Leader for District 2 (So-Cal).

Richard and Nicole met up at the CrossFit Games this summer!

In this episode, we talk about why he decided to build a more robust nutrition program. Then we talk about some of the amazing initiatives coming down from the CrossFit home office to help gym owners helping with every aspect of building a sustainable and profitable business! 

CrossFit Riverside's nutrition program

Meet nutrition coaches, Makenna & Dannie

Richard and his nutrition team prioritize nutrition during classes, in their social media, and the free help they provide to the community.

Support For Affiliate Owners
From CrossFit Home Office

Upcoming CrossFit Affiliate Owner District Gatherings

Below are the gatherings Nicole Aucoin will be speaking at.
We would love to see you there!
 September 25th in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Organized by field leader, Shae Tozzo
  • Informal happy hour in Jacksonville Beach on Friday afternoon for all attendees starting at 6PM
  • Healthy Steps Nutrition Owners and Coaches will meet starting at 3 PM on Friday for a fun networking event! (email for details)
October 2nd in New Jersey
  • Organized by field leader, David Osorio
  • Informal happy hour in NJ on October 1st for anyone attending and Healthy Steps Nutrition gym owners and coaches (email for details)
October 15th in San Diego 
  • Organized by field leader, Richard Alvarez
  • Informal happy hour on October 14th for anyone attending and Healthy Steps Nutrition gym owners and coaches (email for details)
October 16th in Seattle
  • Organized by field leader, Jordan Holland

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