Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: Episode 15 TwoBrain Roadmap & The Coronavirus With Chris Cooper

In this episode, Chris Cooper, the Founder of TwoBrain Business, discusses the release of the TwoBrain Roadmap and the early stages of the coronavirus.

*Since this podcast was recorded two weeks ago a lot has changed. Most gyms are shut down and being forced to pivot to a virtual platform.*

The gyms that are communicating their plan quickly are having a much better retention rate than gyms who wait.

Chris has published a ton of free content to help gym owners pivot to a 1:1 personal training model. You can find his free resources>>HERE. 

Providing individualized support is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to retaining your clients.

At HSN Mentoring, we recommend focusing on helping clients fund a new normal and habit-based coaching and community engagement through zoom classes. HSN Mentoring clients are utilizing the HSN App to manage all of their clients in one streamlined place.

Now is the time to get creative and try new things to keep your clients engaged virtually. 

At HSN HQ, the virtual support is done exclusively through Zoom and the HSN App. You can find a crash course on Zoom >>HERE.

As a gym owner, you have an opportunity to lead your tribe and empower your community to stay healthy. The question is, will you?