10 Ways Healthy Steps Nutrition & HSN Mentoring Can Help You Build A Nutrition Program In A CrossFit Gym

Gym owners understand nutrition is the missing piece of the puzzle in their business but they are unsure where to start when it comes to building a nutrition program from scratch. 


Our mission at HSN Mentoring is to empower gym owners to feel confident when adding nutrition programs in their gym. We do this by providing training to get your program up and running as well as ongoing support through mentoring, content and an online client dashboard. 


HSN provides gym owners and coaches with a turn-key solution to building an individual nutrition coaching program without reinventing the wheel.


Gym owners ask us how it works with HSN. Check out this video to see how HSN can help you! 

Here are 10 ways HSN Mentoring will help you build a comprehensive nutrition program in your gym beyond a nutrition challenge:

1. You have ongoing support from a team of Registered Dietitians and Expert Mentors who have over 100 years of combined nutrition coaching experience. We’ve seen it and heard it all! 

Every month gym owners and coaches have individual mentoring calls to provide specific guidance to help grow your program. 


2. New marketing content and client education content every month!

Think of a team working behind the scenes on the content so that you can focus on helping your clients and growing your business. 

How much time do you take to create nutrition tips, nutrition emails, and videos every month so that nutrition stays a part of your message? 

Most gym owners tell me they have no time because it doesn’t get done! HSN Mentoring provides you templates every month for you to brand as your own! 

If you want new prospects to sign up for nutrition coaching, you need to position yourself as an expert. This means you need to provide free help consistently. HSN Mentoring provides gyms with this content every single month!


3. The exclusive HSN App to manage all of your clients in one place.

We have automated programs with weekly videos, habits and so much more to make it easy to provide a professional and consistent experience to your clients. 

Your clients get access to the HSN App for FREE once you grant them access. 

To scale a nutrition program, you need a streamlined system. The HSN App allows you to save time and coach more nutrition clients. 


4. Training is for both owners and coaches, including tested and proven strategies to build nutrition programs AND the fundamental skills to become an effective nutrition coach. 

If you want to build a successful nutrition program in a gym, owners need to be involved! Your tone sets the tone of the program. 


5. You will have confidence when you partner with Healthy Steps Nutrition knowing you are doing it right when your program is written, backed, and overseen by a team of Registered Dietitians! 


6. Provide your clients with new recipes and meal ideas! 

Healthy Steps Nutrition has a bank of hundreds of recipes and meal ideas, so your clients ever get bored eating the same thing! 

While we know that meal plans aren’t the focus, you have access to sample meal ideas written by Registered Dietitians.

International gyms have additional resources to support the implementation of the program in their region. 


7. Support beyond the initial training. 

Every month, Ashley Osterman, the Director of Nutrition Education, and Nicole Aucoin, the Founder, host live educational webinars that are all recorded and added to the platform. We are constantly adding more tools to your toolbox. 

Also, every week, you can attend live round tables for instant feedback and real-life scenarios to help you feel more confident as a coach. 

Monthly mentoring calls provide you with individualized support and accountability to grow your nutrition program. 


8. Professional content without spending thousands of dollars! 

HSN Mentoring has invested over $250,000 in professional video content delivered through the app so that you are providing a quality service to your clients! These videos include nutrition tips, mindfulness tips, kitchen tips, and of course, healthy recipes. 


9. The training to build a nutrition team. 

You don’t want your nutrition program to stop growing when your coach has hit capacity. HSN Mentoring will provide training for additional coaches and ensure a consistent experience when running a nutrition program in a gym. 

The training process includes a coach’s evaluation to provide real-time feedback to help coaches gain confidence before working with paying clients. 


10. A proven track record and recognized education material. 

Nicole Aucoin has been writing articles about growing nutrition businesses for the CrossFit Journal since 2016. She has spoken at conferences, including the CrossFit Games, FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference Expo) for Dietitians, Coaches Congress & various fitness conferences since 2016. 

The nutrition coaching course martial in the HSN Mentoring program is the same course material found in the Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course, a CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course. 

HSN Mentoring is the largest nutrition business mentoring company globally, training over 2,000 gym owners and coaches to build successful nutrition programs. The nutrition experts at HSN Mentoring were the first company to put together a turn-key solution to offering a nutrition program in a gym. 



The program today has evolved since launching in 2015, but one thing stays the same, our passion for helping gym owners build successful nutrition programs without reinventing the wheel. 

Are you looking to build a nutrition program in your gym?


Save Time & Don't Reinvent The Wheel When Building A Nutrition Program From Scratch

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