3 Ways to Wrap Up 2020 with a Bang

If your clients are like mine, a lot of them have a bah humbug attitude towards health and wellness during the holidays.


If I hear one more time “ I’m waiting until the New Year to lose weight & start eating better”, I may cry!


Despite everyone’s seemingly blase attitude towards their health and wellness towards the end of the year, as a gym owner or nutrition coach –  it’s your time to shine!


Now more than ever it’s time to showcase what you have so when the new year rolls around – people seek you out for help!


Here are 3 simple steps you can follow NOW to set yourself and your clients up for success in the new year. :


1. Create Content

  • They sky’s the limit here but keep it simple! Pick one topic per week and push it out in as many different ways as you can using your social media and email lists. An example: 
    1. Weekly Topics focused on “holiday” situations such as parties, break rooms or a night out – even a recipe post would be great! 
    2. Make a video, send an email, do an Instagram and Facebook post all around the same topic each week. 

2. Host a FREE Virtual Nutrition Talk or Roundtable

  • These are a great opportunity to get in front of your current and new members! It’s a low barrier to entry and easy to facilitate. 

  • Nutrition talks were the #1 way that nutrition coaches and gym owners using the HSN Mentoring platform were able to increase engagement with past members and capture new leads virtually in 2020. 

  • HSN Mentoring Perk: You are given a new nutrition talk with speaking notes, slides, recording and a customizable template worksheet every month! 

  • Not an HSN Mentoring Client? Access one FREE nutrition talk >>HERE to host your own virtual nutrition seminar. 

3. Offer Goal Reviews

  • Talk to your members and clients! 
  • This is a retention tool! IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY WANT TO GO – HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HELP THEM GET THERE? And, remember – it’s much easier to keep clients than it is to get new ones!
  • Not everyone will take part in these, BUT the fact you are willing to sit down one on one with each of your clients speaks volumes.

By creating a culture of help first and consistently offering your knowledge to your community, when people are ready to make that change you will be their go to.

 If you do nothing and wait for people to seek you out then you are missing the bus to the person down the street who is taking a proactive approach. 


Cheers to the New Year #letsgo

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