5 Things to Think About When Transferring Nutrition Clients

There may come a time when nutrition clients will need to be transferred from nutrition coach to another!

Maybe your nutrition coach is switching focus, moving on, or looking to assign their clients to a new nutrition coach due to increased client load. Regardless of the situation, there are some important action steps to consider.


First and foremost, our priority is client satisfaction and positive experience through the transitionary period.


Second would be to ensure the confidence of the nutrition coach taking on and working with those clients.


Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when transferring a client from one nutrition coach to another:


1. Where is information stored?

When possible, all notes, consultations forms, and biometric sheets from past meetings should be shared with the new or replacing nutrition coach.

This is a huge perk of storing all information in the HSN app. A great way to ensure your new coach is set up for success is providing them a background of what your client set out to do initially and what they have accomplished!

If you are an HSN Mentoring Client and need help setting this up- book your mentor call today and leave a note!

2. What communication style was used?

Nutrition coach – client relationships are personal and can be emotionally based.

What works for one nutrition coach might not work for another depending on their personalities and communication styles.

Before moving forward with a nutrition client, take the time to figure out what communication style works best for them.

3. Consistency.

People thrive on routine and structure. If a nutrition client is used to seeing their coach on the first Saturday of the month at 9 am and has been holding true to that schedule for months, it is in the best interest of the client for the new or replacing the nutrition coach to honor that schedule as close as possible.

Moving from one nutrition coach to another is enough of a change in itself for a lot of clients, so keeping the rest of the transition as simple as possible is best! 

Eventually, the follow ups will evolve to a new style as reflected with a new coach, but initially, consistency is comforting! 

4. Positively Reinforce the Transition!

Both nutrition coaches should be on the same page when approaching the transition.

The past nutrition coach should talk up the transition and speak excitedly about the new coach taking over. That will mean a lot to the client and help add confidence to the situation.

Similarly, the new/ replacing nutrition coach should speak highly of the past nutrition coach and be extra attentive when listening to the clients concerns/feedback about the transition experience.

The ultimate scenario would be both a past and new coach hosting a bridge appointment together with the client to show a unified front.

The same approach should be taken IF communication with the general members is required –   a video of the coaches explaining a new direction of the nutrition program is a great way to announce the transition!


5. Evaluating the Outcome.

The impact of the preceding action steps can only be measured by evaluating after the fact!

For HSN Mentoring Clients there are evaluations for owners to send out to nutrition clients located in the Staff Support Module. This is a great way to get feedback from the nutrition clients themselves.

If positive feedback is received, then use that as client testimonials!  If you receive negative feedback, then this is your opportunity to troubleshoot and rectify the situation before it ends in a client leaving.

Using an evaluation form or rubric to help identify nutrition coaches strengths and weaknesses is the BEST path to improving your client experience. HSN Mentoring Clients have this available to do themselves in the Staff Support Module or you can opt to let us take care of that for you!

If you aren’t a current client and want to be- there is great news!! When you sign up for mentoring part of the training is your nutrition coach getting an evaluation to set them up for success from DAY ONE!  

Want to know more about evaluations?  Check out this blog post on 3 Reasons You Need to Evaluate Your Nutrition Coaches  HERE

The nutrition coach and client relationship is deeply personal and can be very private to a lot of people.

Please keep that in mind when transitioning them from one coach to another.

Transparency and open communication are key in making the transition a success and in continuing to support your clients on their journey!

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