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🚨 You will use the 28 Day Health and Wellness Challenge. This is the version we recommend during and after launching your program.

Challenge Pricing:

There are two different challenges that can be run with Healthy Steps Nutrition Content:

28-Day Challenge:

  • Gyms: Offer for members and non-members
  • Different variations: Kickstart, Summer Shred, New Year, New You, Spring Into Action, Team Challenge
  • Recommended Pricing:  $129-189

6-Week Challenge:

  • Recommended for Corporate Wellness
  • Pair with fitness
  • Recommended Pricing: $199-299

Important Information:


  • Be sure to use the 28-Day Health and Wellness Challenge master program in the HSN App

    • This App program has scheduled messages on the calendar and daily videos

    • Please REVIEW this program BEFORE adding clients to the program

  • Daily Habits to use for the entire length of the challenge:

    • 30+ Minutes of Daily Movement

    • 10+ Minutes of Stress Management

    • 7+ Hours of Sleep

  • Weekly Habits to use:

    • Week 1: Eat 1+ cups of non-starchy veggies with lunch and dinner

    • Week 3: Incorporate protein with every meal and snack

    • Week 3: Follow the plate method

    • Week 4: 8oz of water with every meal and snack

  • The customized habits include the “why” behind the habits, pro tips, videos, and supporting resources.

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