Client Engagement

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Ways to Increase Engagement:

  • Starts on day 1 (get members excited)
  • Orient clients with the app, messaging and how to watch weekly videos
  • Use group messages to ask questions like:
    • What is one thing you commit to this week?
    • What is one thing that you did really awesome this week?
  • Message clients individually through the group (this can be done all at one time through the “message separately option”)
  • Run a mini-challenge with a prize for clients

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenge are a great way to keep participants engaged and give them the opportunity to win a prize! Here are the ones we laid out for you to use:

  • Week 1: Pantry Clean-out
  • Week 2: Picture of Your Veggie Plan for the Week
  • Week 3: Picture of Your Grocery Cart
  • Week 4: Meal Prep One Staple

Prize Ideas

Reaching out to places in your local community is a great way to give you the chance to connect with each other for a future collaboration.

We  recommend while in training you try to get them to sponsor a prize and re-visit a partnership with them once our program is up and running.

If you do secure a prize from a local business be sure to invite them to come talk or set up a booth at your kickoff seminar. Shoot a video about the prize to post on social media in order to  bring awareness and excitement to the challenge while giving exposure to the local business who provided the prize.

Here are a few ideas of places to think about visiting:


  • Coffee Shop
  • Smoothie Shop
  • Local Restaurant
  • Local Boutique
  • Hair Salon
  • Massage Therapist
  • Non-competing Fitness Facility 

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