HSN Gym Spotlight: Equis Fitness

Meet Owner and Nutrition Coach, Jose Vanderpool. Jose runs the nutrition program at Equis Fitness alongside owner, Glenn Saenz. Recently their program has had significant growth, they've gained 17 clients in 2 months time! Read more to learn about their program growth and how nutrition is now a concrete part in their initial consult.

1. What led to the success of your nutrition program?

We said, "enough is enough". The constant inconsistencies in retention and revenue led us to sit and have an honest assessment of ourselves, our presence with clients, and our work ethic. At this point, we heavily leaned on HSN mentoring staff who pulled through like always!

2. You guys had a significant growth increase from 2 clients in February to 19 clients in April- tell us more about that.

Before the 2021 year began we decided to deliver a 28-day challenge which actually began February 1st (perfect timing). We felt we were letting our clients down with our nutrition program and so we made the challenge free where we acquired over 20 participants! The goal was to deliver value with the light at the end of the tunnel being conversions into the program. Through this, we were able to re-learn how to use the HSN SOP's, resources, and systems.

3. How has adding nutrition coaching to your facility affected your gym?

Adding nutrition coaching to our facility has affected our gym substantially! Nutrition coaching is now a concrete part of our introductory consult visit. This is the first prescription we deliver to clients when we see issues with, habits, stress, or malnutrition. We don't let anyone off easy by finding a way to tie everything back to that foundational block on that pyramid.

4. If you could give advice to a gym owner or nutrition coach running a nutrition program what would it be?

The main advice I would give is, learn and practice the basics like the back of your hand and don't be afraid to ask for help no matter how many times you need it. Be honest with your performance because mistakes are just opportunities for growth. Lean on your mentors, to me they are the #1 resource. Shout out to Kayla & Melinda!

5. Jose, you had a shift in your mindset regarding nutrition coaching over the past few months as well – what was that shift and what caused it?

I was feeling highly stressed and frustrated with a huge case of imposter syndrome. I decided I needed a big break and so I went on vacation for about a week. I came back with a clear head. Upon my return, I dove back into the HSN modules and started from the beginning. From how to deliver the intro, to setting up the app to motivational interviewing. Energized and pumped by how the HSN site was revamped, I began searching deeper and stumbled upon the mindset and mindfulness modules. The concepts that we were supposed to be teaching our clients, I immediately applied to myself! I needed to learn to be present with my role as Jose Vanderpool the Nutrition Expert, not just a coach talking about nutrition. I needed to own it!

6. Please provide any additional information you would like to include

Make teaching nutrition easy for yourself, don't complicate it, the same way we want to approach our clients with it.

7. What is your favorite addition to the platform?

My favorite addition to the HSN platform has been the easy go-to action step resource guide along with the vibrant easy to read PDFs. I'm all about the visuals and order, I love how the site has been organized for us to find solutions to challenges.

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