HSN Gym Spotlight: Live Active 563

Meet Owner, Heather Kiddo. LA|563 has been running the HSN program for almost 4 years! Heather credits the HSN program and the RD's at HSN for backing her program as vital to her program's success. Heather's program extends into her local community. She runs partnerships and employees wellness programs. This not only generates more revenue for her nutrition program, it involves her community and extends her program's reach beyond the walls of the gym. Read more about LA|563's wildly successful program below!

1. What led to the success of your nutrition program?

The two coaches we have at Live Active are AMAZING and they are the lifeline of our program. But without the RD's at HSN backing our program it wouldn't exist. The education and material that HSN provides us with has been a game changer for us. Prior to HSN we would run "weak" challenges but never have a platform to see clients with after the challenge was over so no life changing results were seen. Now the coaches who run the program at LA|563 are changing lives and not just for the short term. We are setting people up for success through education and accountability for the rest of their life and it's amazing. The RD's at HSN back us up when we need help and are there for referrals for clients who need Medical Nutrition Therapy which is out of our scope. This also helps us be successful because we have a referral system which we did not have before. 98% of the clients that come to us are seen by us and our coaches in house, however we have had a few clients we have referred due to illness or eating disorder issues.

2. Tell us about your partnerships and employee wellness programs. What are they, how did you land them, and how what is your future goal?

Our program extends to our community outside of the gym as well to clients inside the gym. We love to partner with local businesses who are like minded so we play an active part in growing our local economy and spreading the word of health, wellness and fitness to everyone we can. By extending our reach outside of the gym walls - more people hear about us which also brings us more clients - not just for nutrition but fitness too. We started these partnerships by reaching out to potential partners, explaining who we are and what we do and then asking for a meeting! We have partnerships with a coffee shop, a local cafe, a local meal prep company, an athleisure boutique, a sports physical therapy office and a local protein bar company. Together we share social posts and we promote each other in our community. Our nutrition program uses these companies in our corporate wellness challenges and our inner gym challenges. The companies will donate prizes and also give short presentations about their service to your clients. Partnerships were huge for us as we moved into workplace wellness. We have our meal prep company cater lunch for our corporate lunches and challenges and we send our clients to the cafe or coffee shop partner we have to get healthy options that we have set up with the partners. By involving our community and moving into workplace wellness and partnerships we have taken huge steps forward in helping our community become healthier which is our goal and mission for our facility.

3. How has adding nutrition coaching and Corporate wellness to your facility affected your gym?

Yes it has! Without it we would not be able to help clients with what they struggle with most which is food and eating. Many people crush it in the gym but they don't see the aesthetic or performance results because they aren't eating correctly to fuel their body. Corporate wellness allows us to reach more people at one time and extends are reached beyond the walls of the gym. It obviously also increases the revenue of our nutrition program.

4. If you could give advice to a gym owner or nutrition coach running a nutrition program what would it be?

Many gyms ask "How to do you get so many clients"? We put ourselves out there. No one is going to know about you or your program if you don't talk about it or spread the word. We do a good job of talking about our program, sending emails, making videos and social media posts but most importantly our coaches do a great job of talking about their coaching and our program to many people they meet - both inside and outside of the gym! 50% of our nutrition program participants are people who came to us for nutrition before they were fitness members.

5. Where do you see the program in 3 months? 

We have annual goals set for our program and we are on track! So by the end of the year we will be talking on one more corporate wellness engagement and we will be doing two more community events. Both coaches have room for a few more clients so we will continue to service the amazing people we have in addition to a few more that we will accept.

6. Has implementing HSN Mentoring provided you with a Return on your investment?

HSN provided a return on our initial investment within 2 months of running the program and continues to ever since.

7. What is your favorite resource provided by HSN?

We love all the individual coaching resources HSN provides. Because the needs of our clients are so diverse - the RD's at HSN have done an amazing job at providing resources not only for nutrition but also for mindset and habit coaching as well! We have resources on travel tips, pre workout / post workout, endurance athlete resources, fueling for competition resources, emotional eating resources, healthy snack resources, and the list goes on!

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